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The Digital Initiatives department works to preserve and make accessible collections from the library, the University of Idaho, and the State of Idaho via its digitization, database, and digital archiving services.

For more information about us, or to explore our collections, use the links above.

International Jazz Collections<br /><br /> (Ag) Extension Publications<br /><br /> The Map Room<br />A Google Map of our Historical Images Gem of the Mountains Digital Yearbook Collection <br /><br /> Idaho Waters Digital Library <br /> <br /> University of Idaho Campus Photograph Collection <br /> <br /> Northwest Historical Postcards Collection <br /> <br /> Nez Perce Historical Photograph Collection <br /> <br /> Experimental Forest and Savenac Nursery Photo Archive <br /> <br /> Priest Lake Historical Photograph Collection<br /><br /> Turning of the Wheel Humanities Colloquium Series <br /> A Digital Collection of Events Vandal Video Collection <br /><br /> Carleton Watkins Mine Interiors Collection <br /><br /> Dworshak Dam Collection<br /><br /> Barnard Stockbridge Photograph Collection<br /><br /> Ott Historical Photograph Collection<br /><br /> Historical Map Collection <br /><br /> Football Gameday Program Covers Collection <br /><br /> Kooskia Internment Camp Scrapbook<br><br /> The Big Burn Collection <br /><br /> Aerial Photograph Collection <br /><br /> Columbia River Basin Project - Dam Construction in the Pacific Northwest<br /><br /> The Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness History Project<br /><br /> Lantern Slides of Edward John Iddings<br /><br /> Lantern Slides of C. H. Shattuck<br /><br /> Kyle Laughlin Photograph Collection<br /><br /> Lewiston Orchards Life Newsletter<br /><br /> Potlatch Newsletter, The Family Tree<br /><br /> University of Idaho Historical Photographs<br /><br /> Theodore Roosevelt Collection<br /><br /> Idaho Waters Digital Library<br /><br /> Taylor Ranch Log Book Collection<br /><br /> Robert E. Higgins Photograph Collection <br /><br />