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Digital Memories: Not Lewis and Clark

Special Collections and Archives at the University of Idaho Library announces a new installment in the Webpage "Digital Memories." Digital Memories focuses on historic artifacts, documents, photographs, and books from the holdings of Special Collections and Archives. This is a changing showcase of highlights from our collections.

Part of the vast literature on the Lewis and Clark Expedition is The curious genre of spurious and apocryphal accounts. Only marginally Related to the real events of the Corps of Discovery, these odd Publications helped meet the public's need for information on President Jefferson's western land acquisition. An example from the Day-Northwest Collection is illustrated and described.

"Digital Memories" can be accessed through the URL: http://www.lib.uidaho.edu/special-collections/. Previous editions include Senator Borah's bid for the presidency, Sir Walter Scott's Heart of the Midlothian, Idaho's non-laureate Poet, and the introduction of airplanes for fire spotting. Also at this site is information about Special Collections and its holdings, archival and manuscript descriptions and inventories, and a massive geographical guide to repositories of primary source materials. The latter now contains over 5000 entries from around the world.

Modified: Monday April 12, 2004