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English 102 Web Source Evaluation Assignment

  1. Go to this site .  Go through  the entire module 5 and complete the self quiz.
  2. Go through this PDF slide show about web evaluation.
  3. Do this interactive tutorial about the CRAAP test
  4. Read the PDF on “How to evaluate a Wikipedia article.”
  5. Complete the library worksheet.  Search for your own web information and fill out the worksheet to evaluate two web sources. If your class uses Blackboard, you will do the worksheet from within Blackboard. If not, you should print the worksheet and turn it in to the library Reference/Information Desk on the 1st floor.

Additional information

    •  For a funny, though dated, look at Wikipedia, see Stephen Colbert’s “Wikiality
    • For more information on the CRAAP test, see this PDF document.

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