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Political Science

Nancy Young

Librarian: Nancy Young
Phone:  (208) 885-2514
Visit: Reference Hours
Research Assistance Program

Reference Works

The reference section is located on the 1st floor of the library.

Books are shelved using the Library of Congress Classification scheme.

  Reference Books


Books are located on the 3rd (H-Z) and 4th (A-G) floors organized by the Library of Congress Classification scheme. 

Search for books (including the e-book collection) using the library catalog.

  Call Number Areas to Browse


Articles are generally more specific; use more specific keywords to create a narrower search.
Journals may contain both popular and scholarly sources (magazine, journal, and newspaper articles)

  Search Article Databases

Government Documents

Materials issued by a local, state, national, or international government entity. Also see the Law Library for additional sources and research help

Examples: United States Congressional hearings; U.S. Supreme Court opinions; United Nations Security Council resolutions

  United States


Country Information

Country reports exist in a variety of places, both online and in print. Many of the print publications are authoritative, but will be at least a year behind current events. Use the online resources for information about a country from within the last few months.

  Country Information

Statistical Data

  Statistical Data

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