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Engineering Building (Old) , 1901-1951 (Razed Summer 1951 due to unsafe conditions. Replaced by Home Economic Building)


Cost: $28,800

History: Built in 1906, the Old Engineering Building was one of the University of Idaho's original structures. Over the years, the building has housed the Applied Science Department and the School of Mines, as well as engineering classrooms, offices, and labs. more ... In 1951, it was razed due to unsafe conditions within the building. Because of the structure's age and service to many, now preeminent, engineering programs, pieces of the building were preserved as benches and placed at the foot of the Memorial Steps (built from the original steps of the Old Administration Building) as benches.

Location: 46.724873, -117.009963 | South side of quadrangle
Description: Brick, basement and three floors, 60' x 108', 20,982 sq. ft.
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Use History: Originally Applied Science Building; then used by School of Mines; In 1906 housed engineering classrooms and labs.
Name History: Applied Science Building; School of Mines; Engineering Building
Cost Notes: $28,800 (state appropriations)
Sources: Cards, UG 44, Argonaut

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