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Farm House , 1955-

Architect:Hugh Richardson (Lewiston); Contractors: Hanson & Parr Construction Co. of Spokane

Cost: $170,842

Location: 46.723934, -117.008775 | Southwest corner of Blake Avenue and Nez Perce, south of Ridenbaugh Hall (on the site of Center Cottage) 1101 Blake Ave
Description: Wood frame with brick and transite veneer, one story lounge, kitchen and dining area and two story dormitory providing housing for 55-60 students, 12,119 sq. ft.
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Use History: Women's housing; men's housing
Name History: Named for Permeal French, Dean of Women, 1908-1936; ca.1971 became Farm House, a men's fraternity
Cost Notes: $130,000 (bonds, to be paid by income from room rentals) Total cost $170,842
Sources: Cards, UG 12 (2281)

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