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Student Union Building , 1936-

Architect:Dropping, Kelley and Finch (Boise)

Cost: $1,506,231

Location: 46.72865,-117.007329 | Deakin Street
Description: Reinforced concrete with brick veneer, three floors and basement
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Additions: Unit #2 (1936) $250,000, concrete, brick veneer with cut stone trim; Unit #3 (1948); Unit #4 (19560, $1,800,000. 1961 addition, 1962 remodel, 1963 bookstore addition; 2000 renovation
Use History: In 1936 the Board of Regents purchased the Blue Bucket Inn, owned by Dean of Women Permeal French, and used for some time for student activities. Several additions and renovations followed. Student support and food and recreation services
Name History: Student Union Building
Cost Notes: $806,231 (bonds); Unit 3 $700,000; Unit 4, $1,000,000
Sources: Cards, UG 44, Morton, UG 12 (2321, 2323)

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