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Wallace Complex , 1963-

Architect:Wayland, Cline & Smull (Boise)

Cost: $6,788,000

Location: 46.730406, -117.01636 | NE corner 6th Street and Greenhouse
Description: Central structure with four wings; central portion is 2 floors and contains cafeteria and offices. The two south wings are 4 floors and house 212 students each. The north two wings are 6 floors and house 312 each.
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Additions: Third unit completed August 1965; 4th unit completed July 1967
Use History: First two units and cafeteria completed in 1963. Single student dorms and cafeteria; also student services offices Additional Information on Wings: -----------Wiley Wing - Wallace Complex Wings and Halls | Description: Wiley Wing (N.B. Wiley, second governor of Idaho, 1890-1893) N.E. wing | Name History: Campbell Hall (Mrs. Marguerite Campbell, regent, 1951-1961), 1st & 2nd floors; Houston Hall (Maude Cosho Houston, regent, 1946-1951, 3rd & 4th floors; White Pine Hall (state tree), 5th flr; Carter Hall (Louise Carter, Dean of Women, 1944-57), 6th flr. | -----------Gooding Wing - Wallace Complex Wings and Halls | Description: Gooding Wing (Frank R. Gooding, Governor Idaho, 1905-1909) N.W. wing | Name History: McCoy Hall (Bernice McCoy, Director of placement service, 1922-1945) 1st flr; Olesen Hall (Ella L. Oleson, Registrar, 1915-1944) 2nd flr; Gray Loess Hall (prevalent Palouse soil) 3rd & 4th flr.; Whitman Hall (Mrs. M.J. Whitman, regent, 1897-99), 5th & 6th | -----------Ballard Wing - Wallace Complex Wings and Halls | Description: Ballard Wing (David W. Ballard, Governor Idaho Territory, 1866-1870) S.E. Wing | Name History: Snow Hall (Harold Snow, state representative, latah Co., 1953-1974), 1st & 2nd flrs; Graham Hall (James E. Graham, regent, 1952-1960) 3rd & 4th flrs. | ----------- Stevenson Wing - Wallace Complex Wings and Halls | Description: Stevenson Wing (Edward A. Stevenson, Governor Idaho territory, 1885-1889, who signed the bill creating the university) S.W. wing | Name History: Borah Hall (William Edgar Borah, U.S. Senator from Idaho, 1907-1940) 1st & 2nd floors; Lindley Hall (Ernest Hiram Lindley, President UI,1917-1920) 3rd & 4th floors
Name History: Named for William H. Wallace, first territorial governor of Idaho, 1863-1864
Cost Notes: First two units and cafeteria $3,750,000; 3rd unit, $1,536,000; 4th unit budget $1,502,000
Sources: Morton, Bookmark, UG 12 (2329), UG 13 (121)

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