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Lindley Hall Annex, 1920-1952

(Torn down in 1952)

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Lindley Hall Annex

PG1, 3108

Location: 46.727733,-117.008453 | Originally on site of present infirmary, later on south side of Idaho Ave, between Elm and Ash Streets
Description: Three floors, wood frame and siding, gable roof with cedar shingles
Use History: Was originally home of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity; then senior hall for men during the 1930s. From 1941-1946 known as Ridenbaugh Hall Annex; 1946-1952 Lindley Annex; finally sold to Kappa Kappa Gamma.
Name History: Alpha Tau Omega, Lindley Hall Annex, Senior Hall, Ridenbaugh Hall Annex
Sources: Cards