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Tools to Get Started in the Digital Humanists


  • Dropbox - Syncronized File Organizer and Updater - serves well as back up.
  • Evernote - Install on your browser, clip articles, take notes, save to evernote, access anywhere
  • Zotero - Citation Manager, Database, and other - works well with a number of other products. See here for a presentation by our librarians.

Web Education

  • W3 Schools - for learning the basics about websites, html, css, javascript and other languages.
  • Google It. Seriously. If you don't understand something "Techy," google the word and figure out what it is.

Textual Analysis


  • NodeXL - Network visualization using Excel
  • Many Eyes - Intuitive site with many ways to visualize both textual and numerical data
  • Google Charts




More about Digital Humanities (Projects, etc.)

More about Visualization and DataJournalism

(A Much bigger list like this - Digital Research Tools Wiki)