Experimental Forest and Savenac Nursery Photo Archive

The Experimental Forest and Savenac Nursery Photo Archive contains photgraphs related to or depicting Northern Idaho Experimental Forests and the Savenac Nursery in Montana.

This collection was provided to the University of Idaho Library's Digital Initaitives Department by Bob Denner in the fall of 2013. They may be browsed by map and timeline, searched via the table, or the entire collection of images may be viewed in its entirety via the main page. Original copies of these images remain the property of the forest service.

These images were taken over almost 80 years, from 1910 to 1989, and depict the people, places, and machinery of forest workers in Northern Idaho and Northwestern Montana.

If you have any questions, please contact the digital initaitives librarian, Devin Becker, at dbecker@uidaho.edu.

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Experimental Forest and Savenac Nursery Photo Archive

Historical photographs of Experimental Forests and Savenac Nursery in Northern Idaho and Northwestern Montana, 1910 - 1989

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