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Latah County Oral History Collection

Remembering Latah County and Idaho Life at the turn of the 20th century


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Axel ANDERSON(b. 1886 )

Residence:Bovill, Elk RiverOccupation(s): Assistant logging superintendent, camp foreman; employed by Potlatch Lumber Company for 44 years
Family Origin:Arrived in 1907, two years after emigrating from Sweden


Interview #1, 7/23/1974

Topics:First experiences in America. Beginning work for Potlatch. Preparing Elk River millsite and townsite (1909). Foreman for 350 men. Severe flooding of St.Joe River (1933). 7-23-74 2.5 hr 58p SS&LS
Duration:2:30:36Interviewer:Sam Schrager;Laura Schrager
Keywords: CCC Great Depression IWW Irish-American Norwegian-American death farmers floods harvest holidays homesteads immigrants livestock logging logging camps lumber lumberjacks mills mining railroads sawmills
Locations:Bovill Elk River Spokane Wallace Clarkia

Interview #2, 7/25/1974

Topics:IWW strike of 1917; improvement of camp conditions. Fighting 1910 fire. Relationship to crew. Elk River life. Childhood on a Swedish estate. Weyerhaeusers. 7-25-74 2 hr 38p SS&LS
Duration:2:06:16Interviewer:Sam Schrager;Laura Schrager
Keywords:IWW foremen forest fires gyppos homesteads immigrants logging logging camps lumber mills sawmills schools strikes workers world wars
Locations:Bovill Elk River Potlatch

Interview #3, 7/26/1974

Topics:Serving in forestry unit in France in World War I. Drinking and liquor control in camp. Log chutes; donkeys and horses. Depression logging. 7-26-74 2 hr 40p SS&LS
Duration:2:01:43Interviewer:Sam Schrager;Laura Schrager
Keywords: Great Depression IWW armed forces bootlegging drinking families logging logging camps lumber railroads sports world wars
Locations:Bovill Elk River Potlatch

Interview #4, 8/20/1974

Topics:Work as walking boss. Hiring and firing men. Relations with workers and management. Woods routine and variety. Laying shay lines. 8-20-74 2 hr 42p SS&LS
Duration:2:03:00Interviewer:Sam Schrager;Laura Schrager
Keywords:Great Depression drinking fires forests gyppos immigrants insurance lumberjacks railroads work workers world wars
Locations:Bovill Elk River Potlatch

Interview #5, 8/24/1974

Topics:Unsuccessful IWW strike of 1936. Gyppo logging. Accidents. Camp life; cooks and flunkeys. Woods animals. Retirement. Inflation. 8-24-74 2.5 hr 47p
Duration:2:36:54Interviewer:Sam Schrager;Laura Schrager
Keywords:Great Depression accidents construction gyppos holidays horses isolation logging logging camps lumberjacks strikes timber world wars
Locations:Bovill Elk River Potlatch