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Latah County Oral History Collection

Remembering Latah County and Idaho Life at the turn of the 20th century


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Norla CALLISON(b. 1903)

Residence:American Ridge, KendrickOccupation(s): Farmer
Family Origin:Grandfather came from Kansas and homesteaded (1888); mother was from Missouri


Interview #1, 8/29/1973

Topics:Farming practices. Joint-owned threshing machine. Forms of neighbor ing. Rural schooling and chores. Plentiful game. Raising apples. Kansas farming. 8-29-73 1.5 hr p RM
Duration:0:16:52Interviewer:Rob Moore
Keywords:butchering childhood children chores churches doctors families farmers farming fishing floods homesteads hunting literary livestock orchards parties schools threshing tractors winter women
Locations:American Ridge Kendrick Juliaetta Troy

Interview #2, 12/7/1973

Topics:With Walter Benscoter (friend) Festive get-togethers. Moonshine. Weather and farming. One-room school. Thieves. Early homesteading. 12-7-73 1.3 hr 39p RM
Duration:1:02:18Interviewer:Rob Moore
Keywords:Prohibition alcohol churches dances families farming granaries holidays homesteads orchards prohibition schools sports threshing water weddings winter
Locations:Kendrick Troy American Ridge

Interview #3, 1/24/1974

Topics:With Walter Benscoter Fights and local politicking. Farmer co-ops. Depressions. Desire to secede from Idaho. Neighbors. 1-24-74 1 hr RM
Duration:1:01:47Interviewer:Rob Moore
Keywords:winter orchards sports schools farming schools dances granaries churches prohibition holidays weddings dances threshing families Prohibition alcohol homesteads water crops
Locations:Kendrick Troy American Ridge