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Latah County Oral History Collection

Remembering Latah County and Idaho Life at the turn of the 20th century


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W. J. GAMBLE(b. 1884)

Residence:PotlatchOccupation(s): General manager of WISM Railroad for 33 years; lobbyist for North Idaho lumber interests in state legislature
Family Origin:Came from Pennsylvania in 1910


Interview #1, 12/14/1973

Topics:ction of Potlatch for the lumber mill and townsite. Advantages of company town. Shipping resources on WISM. Relations with other railroads. Working west from Pennsylvania. Problems of logging in Idaho mountains. Decline of Potlatch. 12-14-73 1.5 hr 32p
Duration:1:23:32Interviewer:Sam Schrager
Keywords:businesses logging mills politics railroads sports timber

Interview #2, 6/6/1975

Topics:Company operation of town of Potlatch. General Managers Deary and Laird. Dealing with the IWW. Company policies during the de pression. Attitudes towards workingmen. Potlatch Japanese. Lobbying experiences. Weyerhaeuser family. 6-6-75 1.9 hr 40p
Duration:1:35:45Interviewer:Sam Schrager
Keywords:IWW Japanese Americans drinking immigrants legislation logging logging camps lumberjacks management politics railroads schools unions
Locations:Potlatch Deary