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Latah County Oral History Collection

Remembering Latah County and Idaho Life at the turn of the 20th century


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Hattie Wilken JOHNSON(b. 1897)

Residence:CameronOccupation(s): Farm wife, hotel and house maid
Family Origin:Parents were German homesteaders (1886)


Interview #1, 8/4/1976

Topics:Family work and neighboring. Anti-German wartime sentiment. German Lutheran Church and language. Feeding threshing crews. Work at Portland's Multnomah Hotel. 8-4-76 2.5 hr p
Duration:2:34:41Interviewer:Sam Schrager
Keywords:German Americans Prohibition accidents bees childhood chores churches cooling customs dances death families farming flags food games hotels illness knitting languages livestock maids medicine newspapers parties religion roads schools wine women world wars
Locations:Kendrick Cameron Leland Walla Walla Washington Oregon