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Latah County Oral History Collection

Remembering Latah County and Idaho Life at the turn of the 20th century


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F. Marvin LONG(b. 1894)

Residence:Kendrick, Cedar Creek, LelandOccupation(s): Operator of mercantile store
Family Origin:Family moved from North Carolina (1888)


Interview #1, 7/3/1973

Topics:Running general store. Family livestock business. Father's freighting. Junk business. 7-3-73 1 hr 28p RM
Duration:0:53:25Interviewer:Rob Moore
Keywords:businesses wagons mercantile automobiles Great Depression stores dances saloons working conditions politics freighting crops farming women music world wars homesteads
Locations:Kendrick Cedar Creek Arrow

Interview #2, 7/10/1973

Topics:Kendrick fire (1904). Tramway and brick factory. Ice cutting. 7-10-73 .5 hr RM
Duration:0:31:10Interviewer:Rob Moore
Keywords:bricks fires moving stores winter
Locations:Kendrick Leland

Interview #3, 2/27/1976

Topics:Leland as a thriving town. Failure of family fruit ranch. Starting business in Kendrick. Early Kendrick; Gene Chinaman. 2-27-76 1 hr Lee Magnuson
Duration:1:02:26Interviewer:Lee Magnuson
Keywords:factories fires moving stores winter
Locations:Kendrick Leland