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Latah County Oral History Collection

Remembering Latah County and Idaho Life at the turn of the 20th century


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Roy MARTIN(b. 1908)

Residence:North IdahoOccupation(s): Hobo, lumberjack, laborer
Family Origin:"Roy Martin" is a pseudonym


Interview #1, 07/02/1976 (transcript only)

Topics:Panhandling. Riding freights. Friendships with partners. Wintering with wealth in Spokane. Camp-inspecting. Floating population. IWW protection of workers. Woods, mine and harvest work. Serving in Philippines. 7-2-76 3.6 hr 71p
Duration:1:48:00Interviewer:Sam Schrager
Keywords: hobos lumberjacks labor iww railroads prostitutes logging camps mining logging armed forces
Locations:Spokane North Idaho Phillipines

Interview #2, 07/30/1976 (transcript only)

Topics:Importance of IWW. Good-hearted prostitutes. Hoboes and freight hopping. Employment sharks. 7-30-76 1.8 hr p
Duration:3:36:00Interviewer:Sam Schrager
Keywords:hobos lumberjacks labor iww railroads prostitutes
Locations:Spokane North Idaho