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Latah County Oral History Collection

Remembering Latah County and Idaho Life at the turn of the 20th century


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Nellie Wood SMITH(b. 1892)

Residence:Bovill, McGary ButteOccupation(s): Homemaker
Family Origin:Came from Missouri with parents, settling in the area c.1900


Interview #1, 6/27/1974

Topics:Wagon journey from Rexburg to Parma. Family homesteading at McGary Butte. Moving west; living in Laramie, Wy.; move to Troy. 6-27-74 2 hr 39p RM
Duration:2:01:42Interviewer:Rob Moore
Keywords:Native Americans accidents construction families food holidays homemakers homesteads illness immigrants music pioneers schools wagons
Locations:Bovill Wyoming Troy Parma Rexburg McGary Butte

Interview #2, 9/10/1975

Topics:Charlotte Bovill and family. Arson and murder in Bovill fire. First Bovill school (1907). Get-togethers. Raising children; getting married. Community church. Ladies of the night. 9-10-75 2 hr 38p
Duration:2:00:57Interviewer:Sam Schrager
Keywords:arson boardinghouses childhood children chores churches dances dating families family life education fires homesteads illness movies murders music prostitutes railroads stores teachers timber women world wars
Locations:Bovill McGary Butte

Interview #3, 9/22/1975

Topics:Birth of first child; lore of childbirth. Death of baby daughter. Learning sewing and needlework. 9-22-75 1.5 hr 33p
Duration:1:30:21Interviewer:Sam Schrager
Keywords:CCC babies childbirth clothing crafts crafts death doctors families homemakers hospitals nurses pregnancy sewing women
Locations:Bovill McGary Butte

Interview #4, 10/3/1975

Topics:Evacuation of Bovill in Beal's Butte fire (1914). Mrs. T.P.Jones' role in Bovill. Husband's work for Potlatch. Raising children. 10-3-75 2.5 hr 54p
Duration:2:25:40Interviewer:Sam Schrager
Keywords:Christian childrearing chores clothing clubs families fires forest fires homemakers knitting logging camps politics railroads religion women wool work world wars
Locations:Bovill McGary Butte

Interview #5, 11/13/1975

Topics:Problems in early marriage; dealing with drinking. Bovill plays; separate social clubs. Family religion. Baby's sickness. Amputation of a leg. A selling contest. 11-13-75 3 hr 67p
Duration:3:00:25Interviewer:Sam Schrager
Keywords:African Americans Christian Great Depression acting alcohol babies cards childbirth childhood churches clothing clubs dances doctors drinking families homemakers knitting moonshine parties plays religion schools sewing women
Locations:Bovill Spokane McGary Butte

Interview #6, 1/23/1976

Topics:Timber homesteading: one family's struggle; mother's miscarriage; development of a home. 1-23-76 1.5 hr p
Duration:1:31:36Interviewer:Sam Schrager
Keywords:accidents chores death families games homesteads horses housekeeping illness murders pregnancy roads winter women
Locations:Deary Bovill McGary Butte Helmer