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Latah County Oral History Collection

Remembering Latah County and Idaho Life at the turn of the 20th century


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Hershiel A. TRIBBLE(b. 1896)

Residence:Hatter Creek, PrincetonOccupation(s): Woods clerk and scaler
Family Origin:Parents settled in 1880's; mother was from Willamette Valley, Oregon


Interview #1, 7/16/1973

Topics:Local persistence in 1893 depression. Unspoiled pioneer country. Art of scaling and clerking. Murder of Chinese miners. Mother's jobs. 7-16-73 1 hr
Duration:1:01:28Interviewer:Sam Schrager
Keywords:families logging miners murders poor women
Locations:Hatter Creek Princeton

Interview #2, 7/23/1973

Topics:Foreign workers and conditions in Potlatch logging camps. Unreasonable IWW demands in 1917 strike; his role as Four-L representative Tricks of log scaling. Medicine show come-ons. Courtship and marriage. 7-23-73 1.5 hr 50p
Duration:1:29:09Interviewer:Sam Schrager
Keywords:IWW dating farming foremen gambling guns gyppos immigrants languages literary logging logging camps lumberjacks marriage moonshine police officers railroads strikes unions world wars
Locations:Bovill Potlatch