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Latah County Oral History Collection

Remembering Latah County and Idaho Life at the turn of the 20th century

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Date: December 07, 1973 Interviewer: Rob Moore

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1:00 - January weather effecting farming conditions

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Segment Synopsis: January thaw. Weather changing: loss of timber? Weather would now make horse-farming impossible. Spring wheat no longer a good crop. Federation: a good spring wheat. Wet harvests, chalky wheat. Hogs don't fatten on wet wheat.

16:00 - Prices of various crops

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Segment Synopsis: Current wheat prices. Shipping charges. Storage charges. Pea and lentil prices. Bean soup out of split beans. Fanning mill to clean grain. Self-subsistence. Prune dryers and apple orchards.

21:00 - One-room schoolhouses

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Segment Synopsis: All the ridges and towns had their own baseball teams. One-room-school teachers used all kinds of discipline, including buggy whips. Grown men with mustasches in the school. Advantages of one-room-scool. Students didn't act up much.

30:00 - Halloween tricks

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Segment Synopsis: Halloween tricks. Cow in the schoolhouse.

31:00 - Harvest Ball in Kendrick Temple

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Segment Synopsis: Skating and coasting parties. Coasting on a barrel stave. "Shank-pony" courtship. Sleigh-rides. Harvest Ball in Kendrick Temple.

39:00 - Parties, dances, cards in Sam Bigham's granary; shivaree

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Segment Synopsis: Shivaree, a serenade with shotguns, tin cans, and a hocsefiddle. Pinochle parties and literary. Kitchen sweats with a squeezebox and fiddles. Dances in Sam Bigham's granary. Stuart Thompson's floor breaks through during a dance.

46:00 - Farming machines used by family farms

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Segment Synopsis: Thrashing machines on American Ridge. Meyer machine, company machine, Clem machine, May machine, Ball machine, Thomas machine. Martin Thomas never used the whistle on his machine til Norla's dad tied it back during lunch. Shareholders in the company machine. Change to bulk wheat. $4 per day for a man, a team, and a bundle wagon.

55:00 - Perry Huddleston

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Segment Synopsis: Nobody ever locked anything up til Perry Huddleston moved onto the ridge. Perry gets caught in a trap in Wade Keane's root cellar. Wade "just kicked his ass."

61:00 - Nazarene, Methodist curches on the ridge

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Segment Synopsis: Two churches on the ridge: Nazarene and Methodist. Church built for a community church, but Methodists squeezed others out. [audio cuts off compared to transcript]


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