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Latah County Oral History Collection

Remembering Latah County and Idaho Life at the turn of the 20th century

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Date: November 25, 1974 Interviewer: Sam Schrager

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1:00 - Discussion of a farm hand for the Gambles named Davey or Wild Davey; on how he wasn't a good hand; his behavior and looks

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Segment Synopsis: Wild Davey. Gus doubted he could read or write. Davey worked for the Gambles, and Gus remembers he was a poor hand. Davey gets angry at them for giving away one of the dogs he left with them. Davey's shack had no door, he crawled in through a window. The kids thought he was an old "windjammer", lying that he had taught Kit Carson a lot. His appearance. Davey asks a girl to comb his long long hair.

14:00 - Homesteading near Elk River; running cattle from Clearwater to Elk River; land not being good for farming and building up for the railroads

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Segment Synopsis: Homesteading near Elk River in 1912. Trumball's sons ran cattle from the North Fork of the Clearwater up to the Elk River area. Buying a relinquishment, and proving up. The land was no good for growing. Building up the railroad.

26:00 - Sheriffs Pat Malone and Jim Kane. Elk River to Moscow. Hitching a ride from

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Segment Synopsis: Sheriffs Pat Malone and Jim Kane. Elk River to Moscow. Hitching a ride from

30:00 - Discrepancy between what the Lewiston land office thought was okay and what was okay in actually living on the homestead

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Segment Synopsis: Working out while proving up on the homestead was fine with the land office in Lewiston.

33:00 - Stories of Shorty Hill; threatening someone; moving cattle for the Platts and riding cattle with Ben Reeves

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Segment Synopsis: Bob Clyde enters with a double tree. Bob tells of Shorty Hill. Shorty threatens to shoot full of holes a man who comes into Holliday's Lewiston saloon with a knife. Shorty rode cattle with Ben Reeves and others in the Salmon River country. Shorty helped the Platts move their cattle across the Salmon in the terrible winter of 1919.

42:00 - Shorty's brother being lynched in Colfax; working in harsh weather; Shorty witnessing murders at Twenty-One Ranch near Lewiston

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Segment Synopsis: Shorty's brother was lynched with a Negro in Colfax. Shorty worked in forty below weather with no gloves. Shorty breaks a horse and blows the money. He witnessed a multiple killing at the Twenty-One Ranch near Lewiston, and for fifty dollars from the woman he got out and kept his mouth shut. More about the hanging of Ed Hill.

60:00 - How Ed Hill was lynched; more details about the Twenty-One Ranch murder; Gus putting Shorty to work as a ranch hand; notches on Shorty's gun

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Segment Synopsis: The Negro Ed defended had killed someone. More about the murder at the Twenty-One Ranch. Shorty burned his clothes fighting forest fires. A man loses his job for taking a bum car on trade-in. Gus put Shorty to work as a hired hand on the ranch, but doesn't give him whiskey. His gun had three notches: he killed one man on the Salmon and they turned him loose, one he killed for not paying him for making a lariat. Lola Clyde recalls Shorty Hill. with


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