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Latah County Oral History Collection

Remembering Latah County and Idaho Life at the turn of the 20th century

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Date: December 01, 1973 Interviewer: Sam Schrager

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0:00 - Bovill businesses; man beating his wife; Stockwell boarding house

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Segment Synopsis: First Bovill businesses and their locations. A man who beat his wife unmercifully, and she died two weeks later. Stockwell boarding house.

20:00 - Moving saloon from Princeton to Bovill; lumberjack dances; horseback riding

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Segment Synopsis: Father wanted to move his saloon from Princeton to Bovill when the town began. "The longest log train in the world" stopped a local ball game. Taking organ for lumberjack dances; they involved the sporting girls. The Bovills didn't join in community socializing. Horseback riding with the Bovill girls - their horses bolted at sight of a killed bear.

30:00 - Mrs. Bovill's necklace; riding on the shay; lumberjacks were gentlemen; mother went to Palouse

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Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Bovill had a necklace made from Ruby Creek garnets As youngsters they ate with lumberjacks and rode on the shay. No jail or deputy in Bovill early days. Lumberjacks were always gentlemen when they came to the saloon. Mother went to Palouse by train to get cash for checks.

38:00 - Early stores in Bovill; typhoid fever; burial of Mrs. Samuels

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Segment Synopsis: Bovills were quite friendly and not at all superior. Early store was operated by Bovills. Ravages of typhoid fever in a family; the caskets surfaced after heavy rain. Burial of Mrs. Samuels-probably the first to be buried in cemetery. "Poverty Flat" south of town.

46:00 - First Bovill school; adults taught children to dance; coasting in the snow; fishing and swimming on Potlatch Creek

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Segment Synopsis: First Bovill school was one room - the students. The adults in Bovill danced and they took the children. During recess the teacher taught the children to waltz by whistling. Coasting in the snow. Beauty of the country" on the way out to Bovill father stopped the sled and the children lay on their backs to see the tops of the trees. Mrs. Bovill said she couldn't stay after they started cutting the timber. Fishing and swimming in the meadow on Potlatch Creek.

57:00 - Rainy days; their hotel; Fourth of July in Deary

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Segment Synopsis: Staying at the Bovills on rainy days. Their hotel. In nice weather they were always out playing. Fourth of July excursion train to Deary - fireworks on top of Spud Hill.


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