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Latah County Oral History Collection

Remembering Latah County and Idaho Life at the turn of the 20th century

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Date: July 26, 1973 Interviewer: Rob Moore

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1:00 - Make-up of thrashing crew

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Segment Synopsis: Make-up of a thrashing crew: oiler, separator tender, bundle haulers, strawbuck, fireman, band cutters, jig, sack sewers, flunky, cooks, waterbuck, night watchman.

17:00 - Tramway operation and accidents; riding a go-devil down the tramway tracks

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Segment Synopsis: Tramway accidents. Tramway operation. Hiking up the hill to the upper warehouse at 6:00 a.m. Making a go-devil to ride down the tramway tracks; out of control and bailing out.

28:00 - Train derails near Kendrick; engineer and fireman killed; cross-country with a thrashing machine

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Segment Synopsis: Train hauling rails from Troy derails near Kendrick; conductor cuts caboose loose and is fired, engineer and fireman killed. Going cross-country with a thrashing machine.

30:00 - Floods; work train trapped; runway engine sidetracked; child drowned in Kendrick

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Segment Synopsis: Floods on high water frequently washed out the rail road tracks, leaving towns stranded. Work train trapped by washouts rolls in the creek, knocking out bridges as it washes down. Optical illusions in a stranded caboose. Rails just stick out of the water by Juliaetta. Runaway engine sidetracked. Child drowned in Kendrick during flood.

46:00 - Work crews on handcars; hopping freights; playing tricks on the conductor

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Segment Synopsis: Italian work crews on handcars, singing and pumping. Hopping freights. Everybody used the trains. Playing tricks on the conductor.

55:00 - Hoboes; riding the cowcatcher to Juliaetta

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Segment Synopsis: Hoboes. Purley Chaney tricks a hobo. Riding the cowcatcher from Kendrick to Juliaetta.

60:00 - Garage business; no need for hunting licenses; sign in the muddy streets

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Segment Synopsis: Didn't need account books when in garage business. No need for hunting licenses. Sign in the muddy streets: No Duck Hunting Allowed. Automobiles on blocks for the winter.

63:00 - Motorcycles; social life; Saturday night dances

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Segment Synopsis: Motorcycles. Social life. Saturday night dances.

72:00 - Hoboes and the IWW; collecting debts; poor farm north of Moscow

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Segment Synopsis: Hoboes and the IWW. Most people would go easy on collecting debts. Poor farm north of Moscow. Every body was poor.

78:00 - Binding and stocking hay; chores; raising fruit; making vinegar, wine, and cider

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Segment Synopsis: Binding and shocking hay. Self-subsistence. Gas powered corn sheller. Chores. Fruit-raising. Making vinegar, wine, and cider.

84:00 - Jobs at the Juliaetta cannery; cannery operation; other jobs

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Segment Synopsis: Running the capper at the Juliaetta cannery. To get a job in the cannery you were supposed to buy stock. Cannery operation. 10,000 cans is a record day. Other jobs.


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