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Latah County Oral History Collection

Remembering Latah County and Idaho Life at the turn of the 20th century

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Date: February 02, 1973 Interviewer: Grace Wicks

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0:00 - Life in Illinois; mother's family forced father to go to church

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Segment Synopsis: Parents lived in Illinois. Their life in Illinois. Father forced to go to church by mother's family. Mother told him to be prosperous before marrying, as father had been.

3:00 - Fourth of July in Moscow; didn't go to high school; work on paving Third Street; Harvey Smith as city engineer

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Segment Synopsis: Three day celebration for Fourth of July in Moscow(1910). He was too sensitive about being two years behind others in school, so he didn't go to high school. He quit school to work on paving of Third Street . Harvey Smith as city engineer-the maps in his head.He took the short course at university for three years,from middle of October to March; the subjects.

15:00 - Family experience farming; moving to Idaho; typhoid fever; father injured by outlaw horse

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Segment Synopsis: Family experience farming near Hereford,Texas, before moving to Idaho; typhoid fever, an outlaw horse which injured father.

18:00 - Raising vegetables; the Idaho Harverster Company; Guy Wold lost leg in threshing machine

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Segment Synopsis: He farmed the vacant land on the Lieuallen estate, raising vegetables after mother bought him team. The Idaho Harvester Company ran on Day family money, until they got tired of financing it. Guy Wolf lost leg in threshing machine, so became a lawyer. He lost money on his farming for three years in a row, and was never caught up on grocery bills for David's.

25:00 - Work on various jobs; delivering mail; making 65 cents an hour

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Segment Synopsis: His work on delivery and many other jobs. How he began delivering mail. His duel jobs of primary separation and delivery. He made 65 cents an hour at first.


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