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The Nez Perce Historical Portrait Collection includes nearly 600 photographs of individuals and groups from the Nez Perce/Nimíipuu tribe. Most photographs were taken during the first half of the 20th century. Much of the collection is comprised of studio photographs that have been taken of both individuals and families.

There are also many photographs that depict special events, such as parades, roundups, rodeos, and powwows, and traditional Native American housing, such as tipis, long houses, and cabins. Also included in the collection are photographs of famous Nez Perce Chiefs, such as Chief Joseph, Old Chief Joseph, and Cap Som-kin.

A Request for Additional Information

Unfortunately, the majority of these photos have not been documented or dated and specific information regarding the people pictured and the locations of the photographs has been difficult to obtain. If you have any additional information to provide about any of the photographs – such as names of those pictured, date of photograph, or location of photograph – please contact Devin Becker, the Digital Initiatives Librarian, at dbecker@uidaho.edu.

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