Transitions, vol. 9, no. 5, September/October 1996; Idaho Toxics Invade Washington Item Info

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Transitions, vol. 9, no. 5, September/October 1996; Idaho Toxics Invade Washington
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Osborn, John--Idaho Pollution flowing into Washington State; Drumheller, Susan--Floods bring million pounds of lead to lake--The Spokesman Review, 1996-6-13(Spokane, WA); Steele, Karen Dorn--Idaho heavy metals invading Washington--The Spokesman Review, 1996-5-26(Spokane, WA); Titone, Julie--Metal-laden silt causes concern--The Spokesman Review, 1996-3-10(Spokane, WA); Steele, Karen Dorn--Regional pollution study sought--The Spokesman Review, 1996-6-13(Spokane, WA); Pelletier, G. J.--Cadmium, Copper, Mercury, Lead, and Zinc in the Spokane River: Comparisons with Water Quality Standards and Recommendations for Total Maximum Daily Loads--Dept. of Ecology; State Lines in the Pacific Northwest--The Spokesman Review, 1930-4-2(Spokane, WA); Group delivers videos on pollution dangers--The Spokesman Review, 1996-5-26(Spokane, WA); Drumheller, Susan--Activists to deliver video warning--The Spokesman Review, 1996-8-23(Spokane, WA); Mines, Sen. Craig the real targets of videotape--Coeur d'Alene Press, 1996-8-28(Coeur d'Alene, ID); Webster, John--Environmentalists create lead scare--The Spokesman Review, 1996-6-3(Spokane, WA); Steele, Karen Dorn--Washington won't seek refund on mining video--The Spokesman Review, 1996-7-9(Spokane, WA); Steele, Karen Dorn--Craig's stand on mine waste getting drilled--The Spokesman Review, 1996-7-28(Spokane, WA); Fisher, Jim--Blowing the stacks, and bad memories, at the Bunker Hill--Lewiston Tribune, 1996-5-26(Lewiston, ID); Knickerbocker, Brad--Old Mines Pose New Hazards in Cleanup--Christian Science Monitor, 1996-5-21; K., B.--How Idaho Panhandle Became 'Paradise Lost'; Rauve, Bekka--Legacy of sickness, fear--The Spokesman Review, 1995-8-27(Spokane, WA); Drumheller, Susan--Moms pass lead to baby in womb, tests show--The Spokesman Review, 1996-6-24(Spokane, WA); Olivera, D. F.--Our great lake needs protection--The Spokesman Review, 1994-4-17(Spokane, WA); Idaho Pollutants affect Washington--Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1996-6-3(Seattle, WA)
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Spokane, WA
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