Esri Software and Products

Those affiliated with the University of Idaho can download selected Esri software products such as ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS for Server, Esri CityEngine, Esri Business Analyst, and Esri SpatiaLABS. Additionally, ArcGIS Online is available as a cloud-based service.

Commercial use of the software is strictly prohibited.

Permitted uses [teaching, research, administrative] of some products is restricted. See the site license overview for details.

The University of Idaho is afforded access to Esri software through a GIS Software Site License Agreement for Idaho Higher Education Institutions contract negotiated by the Idaho Department of Administration.


ArcGIS for Desktop

ArcGIS for Desktop can be used to compile, use, and manage geographic information. Spatial analysis, data creation and editing, data management, mapping and visualization, and data sharing are some of the key features of the software.

This software is available at any of the student computing labs or at

A License Manager is available for this product.


ArcGIS for Server

ArcGIS for Server is a server-based GIS that provides a platform for publishing Web GIS services.

The library maintains a GIS server-site that is available to students, faculty, and staff. Please contact Bruce Godfrey for more information.



Esri CityEngine

Esri CityEngine can be used to transform 2D GIS data into smart 3D city models.

Esri CityEngine can be used to improves urban planning, architecture, and design. Use its 3D visualization power to see the relationships of projects, assess their feasibility, and plan their implementation.

A License Manager is available for this product.


Esri Business Analyst

Esri Business Analyst combines demographic and business data, detailed maps, and advanced spatial analytics with user data to help answer location-based questions.


Esri SpatiaLABS

Esri SpatialLABS are ready-to-use, but customizable, spatial investigations for the college classroom. More than 60 labs guide students to apply spatial analysis tools while examining issues related to social and environmental justice, natural resource management, health, business, and more. SpatiaLABS provide a regularly revised source of provocative activities to foster studentsí problem solving strategies.

There are more than 60 topics that motivate, interest, and challenge students.


ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online is a collaborative, cloud-based platform that allows members of an organization to use, create, and share maps, apps, and data, including authoritative basemaps published by Esri.

The University of Idaho ArcGIS Online Site is available to students, faculty, and staff. Our license includes 100 user accounts and 2500 service credits.

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