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The University of Idaho Library and the editors of the Electronic Green Journal are pleased to announce the Journal's 10th anniversary issue at: http://egj.lib.uidaho.edu/egj20/index.html. EGJ is celebrating 10 years of existence and 20 published issues.

This issue includes Ted Johnson's editorial on improving the environment in any political climate, three articles, one essay, three poems, two columns, and 22 book reviews.

The first article, by Sumit Lodhia from the Australian National University, identifies advantages and disadvantages of various reporting media for disseminating environmental information.

The second article by Clare D'Souza from La Trobe University, also of Australia, presents a conceptual model suggesting that the Environmental Management Standard know as ISO 14000 series is market driven and can prompt customer satisfaction.

In the third article T. Ramjeawon from the University of Mauritius in Reduit considers whether a small-scale industry is better for the environment than a large-scale industry.

Ryder W. Miller contributes an essay pointing the missing environmental message in the cinematic version of J.R.R. Tolkien's literary classic.

In this issue we also publish three of Leszek Czuchajowski's poems, Flora Shrode's environmental resources column, Ted Johnson's urban open space column, and 22 book reviews.
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Modified: Friday July 02, 2004