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The Plan and Proposed List of Titles

When the addition to the library was planned in 1989, the building was estimated to reach shelving capacity in 2005. Although the acquisition of paper journals and books has slowed, the shelving is reaching near capacity. Phase II of the project was to be the installation of compact moveable shelving which would double shelving capacity. This would cost approximately $1.5 million, a sum not available under current budgetary conditions.

In order to free shelving space for new acquisitions, the library proposes to substitute reliable electronic access to selected journal back files instead of continuing to store the paper volumes. A list of the proposed titles may be found here. In addition, we plan to remove paper indexes for which we have the corresponding electronic database.

The electronic vendors have been chosen for their reliability, financial stability, and alternate access in case of changed circumstances. For example, JSTOR maintains multiple copies of the paper originals, two independent data centers with multiple backups, and a third party archiving plan.

We have contracted with these vendors for more than a year, and have found the access reliable, as have library users. Faculty Council's Library Affairs Committee approved the plan February 23, 2005.

Please let me know of any concerns by April 15, 2005

Ron Force
Dean of Library Services

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