Chronicle of Higher Education now available University-wide

The Chronicle of Higher Education is ready for your use. Visit The Chronicle's home page at and click on any of the news updates which are normally available to subscribers only. For those of you who are using the library from a distant location, you will need to authenticate your status through the library’s proxy server (requiring the use of your user name and library bar code).

Among the Chronicle’s Web-site highlights are:

*** the Web site ( updated throughout the day with the latest news in academe (NO EMBARGO of content);
*** the text from the current print edition, posted every Monday morning (;
*** a searchable archive of every issue published since September 1998;
*** all the commentary and essays from our weekly magazine, The Chronicle Review (;
*** all the data from the annual Almanac and other special, single-topic reports are in easy-to-search databases (;  

For a quick summary of what all you now have access to, please visit the site map at

In order to get the most from your Chronicle site license purchase, take advantage of the free e-mail newsletters, including Academe Today, The Chronicle’s popular Daily Report.  Or for those more interested in discussions and ideas rather than hard news, they now publish the weekly Chronicle Review e-mail newsletter.

Just point them to to learn more about all the complimentary e-mail newsletters that The Chronicle publishes.

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