IQ-station available for use in the University of Idaho Library

The Inexpensive Interactive Immersive Interface (also known as I-quaded or IQ station) is now available for use in the University of Idaho Library. The system, built at and donated by the Center for Advanced Modeling and Simulation (CAMS) at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), offers the capacity to study large complex datasets through 3D visualization.


  • 73 Mitsubishi high definition stereoscopic screen display
  • NaturalPoint OptiTrackTM system using six mounted infrared cameras to track primary user movement
  • Accommodate one primary user with up to four other observers
  • Dual PC systems: Windows-based PC for tracking; Linux-based system for graphics rendering
  • Offers capacity to visualize data in numerous formats, including LiDAR and volumetric data, e.g. from an MRI, CT or confocal imaging instrument

Please click here for further information and to schedule and get access to the IQ-station.

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