Kamiah July 11th 1881

Mr Wm Rankin

Dear friend,

Our much talked of 4th of July Camp Meeting is over & the (about) 700 people who were in Camp here have quietly returned to their little homes. Soon to look forward to the other great event of the year (Christmas)

Even the Catholics from their Mission were here this year, many of them with flowing locks tucked under warm blankets, warm as it was.

As I walked through the streets of the (for a time Indian Village) the picture of Jerusalem during the feast of Tabernacles was suggested by the bushes almost covering the little tents.

They do so love these social gatherings, enjoy the religious services & feasting too. This was quite apparent as I watched 420 of them seated on the blankets under the great pavilion enjoying the 4th of July feast doing all honor to civilized cooking.

Our Agent (for some reason) has been summoned to Washington. The mail route from Mt Idaho to Pierce City has been discontinued so that now we can have mail only when we send to Mt Idaho for it. It is trying when we want so much to know about the President. One of the Old Chiefs announced yesterday to the people at the door of the Church that the father at Washington was dead. Sister sent word immediately to him ‘not dead at latest accounts’ His answer was he would not change his mind.

From a letter recd we will expect Mr Deffenbaugh here at Kamiah next week. My sister had been relieved of much anxiety by the reception of your letter. Pardon me for writing about all these little things but felt like saying more than simple, one quarters, salary $150.00 was due 1st of July. Mr D has doubtless given you a better idea of the people, the tribe, the workers, than the three pens can or could do.

Remember me to Dr Lowrie

Yours in the best of bonds

Kate C. McBeth