March 1892
Dr Ellinwood

Dear Sir
Your late notes have been rect. The last one a great relief. An endorsement of that 2nd K. would do away with the needcessity of missionary. On your 1st you ask for a rehearsal of Archies misdemeanors. I do not think you want them now. My Sisters charges have been perfectly truthful. I endorse her statements. That 2nd K is a political organization so far as its leaders are concerned.

I see Dr where you read trouble lies in supposing you are taking issue with the Walla W. Presbytery. I maintain you are not. I hope it is not dishonorable to give the opinion on this subj. of some of its members privately expressed to me. 2nd to show you there never was any promise from the Presbytery toA. that he would receive a sal. Beginning right here when Mr Deffenbaugh in fall of 1890 was sent on to organize they failed to appear before him in K. in my own house. I asked if the Presbytery could now see from that call for A. what Roberts trial meant in the Spring. Oh yes, give the calf rope enough & he will hang himself. Adding I have made it plain to A. that although Pres. granted organization I doubted very much if the Board would endorse the action, or give him any salary. His answer was although they did he talked then of his real objective point being Lapwai, always Lapwai.

I told some of the Presbyters last spring in Lewiston I knew what everyone on this reserve knew. He did not intend to remain long in K. was working to man the churches with his followers. Mr Adair said at once if he will not be its pastor he will organize that church. "Mr A then made it plain he cannot promise you any salary. He can only recommend it. I think it doubtful if [you] receive any from the Board." "Although they do not - my people will support me," was his ans.