Fort Lapwai
July 20th 1891

Dear Mrs Maxwell,
Through all this long silence think I may say you have not been forgotten for one day. 1st I had to be in fashion and have LaGrippe. It passed from the soldiers among the poor people leaving many among, young & old to linger weeks or months & die. A number yet suffering from it, their weak scroffulus lungs making them an easy prey. So you can see how some of my time has been used.

Every year there must be two great gatherings upon the reserve. A kind of 4th July camp meeting, busy times getting ready for the great event. My old house which I now occupy is near the camp ground. What a picture it I could have secured it for you. Many wild ones. Strange they should get their ideas about having a happy time (4th July) from King Georges Men ‘Hudson Bay Co!’ This year the closing exercises of Training S. were in the programme. The part enjoyed most by people was music by brass band. Indian boys in it. There was nothing new in the whole exercises (to me) except a council which Miss Fletcher called to decide by ballot if Nez Perces would adopt certain Indians who were among them and wished to be allotted here. One case a difficult one. The Indian woman not objected to but two of her six children were as well as her unprincipled white husband who had bribed some of the leading Indians to carry the matter through & so defeat Miss F. who knew the heart of the order loving Nez P. I have always admired Miss F. but had never seen her strong character so tested before or her ability to checkmate wily Indians politicians. It is said she receives a Congressmans salary. She earns it. She meets the old medicine men in councils who have tried to kill her with a look. She knows no fear & so fully understands Indian character. She cannot be taken by surprise & withal she is very lovable. Our evening are usually spent together, put her right beside us in your prayers. Our work is one (civilization and religion).

You want me to tell about myself. I would rather tell about Miss F & her friend Miss Gay who is one at side in councils as well as in dwelling places & camps. This same Miss Gay is quite an Artist & is willing to use her art for me & the tribe. I think I can answer some of your questions about self by one of the photos she has taken but not finished yet. I am not, I assure you spreading [illegible] cost. The picture of a group of Indian women with the stout, old bang-less, woman in the background, but your curiosity must be satisfied at the risk of all things.

Thank you for the leaflets, circulars &c. I read with interest all about you and your beloved Scotia, not a bit jealous. The [illegible] is one & well I know the more you love the more capable of loving.

Thanks for your offer to try & sell articles of Indian womans manufacture. I recd a few days ago $14.00 from Wash. Pa. Think soon we can have seats put into the church – what a proud day that will be. Our President Mrs Rubens (widow she was) but last week married to Felix Corbett. He who two years ago was a delegate to Gen. Assembly. Much to me loss. She left yesterday with her husband for her home in the Kamiah community.

Did I tell you in spring I hoped to have my new house this summer. Gov would not give anything but temporary title to ground. So far nothing done. Miss F is still trying & thinks she will secure the site yet. If so the house will go up this fall. My vacation of a few weeks will I think be with Miss F & Co. up to Kamiah 65 miles away can talk to K women about missionary society there. Mrs Felix Corbett can help.

How is your dear father? Still with you, still praying for the weak ones. One of my old pastors now D.A. Cunningham D.D. of Wheeling always had one petition or expression of thanksgiving in Sab. morning prayer. "Oh Lord we do thank thee for the aged among us, for their councils & their prayers."

We are having a pleasant summer only a few days very hot. Harvest has begun. The women help much, are busy some of them on the mountains gathering huckleberries, so the making of little things for missionary S. must be deferred. I thank you in their stead for the kindly greetings. Please give much love to the dear willing workers, to your husband, your children, father & sisters. Reserve a prayer for your own dear self. Gods blessing upon you and His Cause.
Loving yours

Kate C. McBeth