Fort Lapwai
August 24th 1892
Rev S. Woods

Dear Sir
I believe you have been informed through Levi Jones that the Meadow Creek congregation met upon the 10th & 17th of July to decide whether Enoch Pond would remain their pastor or not. Result the same at both meetings, the two Elders only against Enoch. The people with Enoch.  Benjamin an Elder from 2nd Kamiah advising Enochs immediate removal. I think Benjamin present at second meeting. A short time after the Second meeting Bartholomew one of the two Meadow Creek Elders commanded Enoch to ‘desist from preaching’. Enochs ans. was "I am under Presbytery. I cannot until presbytery tells me to desist." The Enoch asked B for the key of the church which he gave to Enoch later. In a letter from Enoch dated Aug 17 he says Bartholomew came to me the same day he came from Kamiah. Saying he wanted to get his Matthew (my prayer book) out of the church to take with him on the hunt . He wished to study it. When he got the key safely in his hand, he told Enoch. "Now the church will be locked always, that it should be locked until Synod. That they had sent a letter to Synod. Put the key in his pocket has gone on a long hunt Enoch will be directed if he can not gain entrance into his church to hold services in his own house.

As Enoch is under the pay of the Board this matter must be reported there also.

Kate C. McBeth.