Information for English 102 Instructors

Library faculty will provide face-to-face orientation to library research in English 102 classes.

English 102 classes have one week of library instruction covering the topics found in our research guide.


English 102 classes meeting MWF are scheduled for three sessions. Tuesday-Thursday classes will be scheduled for two sessions. You can check the class schedule at the Library Instruction Calendar. It is possible the librarians assigned to your class can change during the semester, so check the calendar for updates. Librarians should contact you in advance of your class orientation.


Please plan to meet in the library on the first floor (near the Reference and Information Desk) at the beginning of the first class session (unless you and the librarian have made other arrangements). Generally, in the second and third class sessions, we meet in the library classroom, room 212A. This room is located on the second floor of the library. Turn left at the end of the second floor lobby and head all the way to the windows facing Memorial Gym. A hanging sign on the second floor directs people to the Instruction Room.

Your Help Needed

We ask that you accompany your class during all the sessions. The instructor's presence makes a tremendous difference in the success of the sessions. You know the students and can assist them, and keep them on task, in ways that a "guest lecturer" cannot.

Students learn more from the library session(s) if they complete worksheets reinforcing the skills taught. Please consider providing an incentive such as credit for successfully completing the worksheets. The worksheets are checked by the librarians and returned to you.

If the library session does not coincide with the research paper or another assignment requiring library use, you may also consider giving the students a writing activity that will reinforce what they have learned. If you have another class assignment planned for the same time as the library sessions and would like to have the library sessions address that assignment, please contact the librarian. With enough advance notice, we can try to adjust the instruction to fit special needs. You can also give us information about your class assignment by filling out the Library Instruction Request Form.

Library Research Assistance Program

We also have a program called the Library Research Assistance Program. Students can make individual appointments with librarians for assistance in finding relevant information for research papers and projects.

Thank you for your participation and cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to contact Diane Prorak, Library Instruction Coordinator, (208) 885-2508.