Publishing Services

Do you have an innovative research area that doesn't quite fit into other scholarly journals? The library can help! The University of Idaho Library can work with you to create and publish new open access journals, guide you through the creative process, provide web design, and assist in the management of your journal. Interested in more information? Contact Devin Becker for more information.

The library's current open access journals are listed below.

We can help

If you are interested in creating a peer-reviewed online scholarly journal or in changing an existing print journal into one that is available online, the University of Idaho Library can help you set up and host an online journal.

What we provide

We can help establish an online journal using the Open Journal Systems (OJS) software. We host the software on our servers and show you how to use it. We can also provide guidance and advice as you format your journal and develop its sections.

Why Open Journal Systems

Open Journal Systems (OJS) was developed by the Public Knowledge Project to manage open access journals. Today more than 7,500 journals use OJS as their publishing platform.