University of Idaho

University Group 34

Letters and Sciences Dean Selection Committee

Papers, 1970-1971
0.5 c.f.

The papers of the Letters and Sciences dean selection committee were deposited in the University of Idaho Library by its chairman, Warren Owens. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in November 1987.


The records of the Letters and Sciences dean selection committee span the months of May 1970 to March 1971. They include a committee questionnaire sent to all L & S faculty members and the responses, folders containing correspondence with and about each of the five finalists, and memos and other correspondence from the committee chairman to committee members and university administrators.


Box Folder Description Items

1	1	Search Committee Questionnaire and Summary, 1970	5
	2	Returned Questionnaires, Administrators and Students, 1970	9
	3	Returned Questionnaires, Art and Architecture, Business, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Communications, Drama and Speech	30
	4	Returned Questionnaires, English, Foreign Languages,	29
		History, Home Economics, Mathematics
	5	Returned Questionnaires, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology	21
	6-10	Candidate Folders	128
	11	Form Letters, Vita Summaries, Interview Schedules, 1970-1971	32
	12	Candidate Assessments, 1971	29
	13	Committee Memos, etc., 1970-1971	126

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