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The records of the Water Resources Research Institute were deposited in the University of Idaho Library in August 1990. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in October 1991.


The University of Idaho Water Resources Research Institute was established under provisions of the Water Resources Research Act of 1964 (Public Law 379, 88th Congress). Its purpose is to conduct research investigations and experiments of either a basic or practical nature in relation to water resources. Included areas are hydrology, soil-water-plant relations, water quality, irrigation and drainage, ground water, recreation, hydroelectric development, fishery management, aquatic biology, and watershed management. Calvin C. Warnick was the original director of the institute; he was replaced in the late 1970s by John Gladwell who resigned in the spring of 1980.


The reports of the Water Resources Research Institute span the years 1942 to 1981. They retain their received order which was divided into three series. The first series contains typescript reports of trips on Idaho water ways which are illustrated with original photographs of the areas described. The reports in this series were removed from their original binders or notebooks and placed in file folders.

The second series contains research material collected for the Washington Hydro Study conducted at Washington State University. Included are charts and reports on stream flows, precipitation, diversions, and power potential.

The final series contains other reports such as the Clean Lakes Project, funded by a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency, which included a survey of all public lakes in Idaho, reservoir capacity allocations, a river mile index, studies of the National Water Commission, and a transcript of the 1965 Wild Rivers Hearing in Lewiston.

The office files of the Water Resources Research Institute, 1961-1981, are also available in the Department of Special Collections and Archives.


I. Typescript Reports, 1942-1955. Box 1

II. Washington Hydro Study, 1960-1969. Box 1-2

III. Other Papers, 1957-1981. Box 2



Box Folder Description Items

I. Typescript Reports, 1942-1955.

Box 1 1 Decreed water rights, District 36, Snake River, Idaho, 1942. 1 item.

2 Reclamation development in Idaho, June 22, 1944. 1 item.

3-4 The flight of the "Salmon Fly"; a reconnaissance trip down the "River of No Return", Salmon River, Idaho, June 20 to July 2, 1944. 1 item.

5 Report on reconnaissance: Clearwater River and tributaries, Idaho, 22 September to 8 October 1944. 1 item.

6 Report on reconnaissance: Upper Snake River and tributaries, Wyoming and Idaho, 16 to 25 October, 1944. 1 item.

7-12 Report on reconnaissance: Upper Salmon River and tributaries, Idaho, main stem above Indianola, 1945-1946. 2 items.

13 Columbia River Basin report -- Clearwater River -- Preliminary power estimates, November 1947. 2 items.

14 Columbia River Basin report -- Salmon River -- Preliminary power estimates, December 1947. 1 item.

15 Report on flow and diversions: Bear River, district 5, Idaho for the irrigation season 1948. 1 item.

16 The problem of stream control and utilization, Upper Snake River Basin, 1948-1955. 4 items.

II. Washington Hydro Study, 1960-1969.

17 Summary, 1970. 4 items.

18 Elwha River, 1961-1968. 9 items.

19 North Fork Skokomish River, 1961-1968. 8 items.

20 South Fork Skokomish River, 1961-1968. 11 items.

21 Climatological Data, 1962. 4 items.

22 Diversions, 1963. 6 items.

23 Mean yearly flows, 1945-1963. 3 items.

24 Precipitation data, n.d. 2 items.

25 Watershed precipitation report, 1969 1 item.

26 Power projections: Columbia River near The Dalles, Oregon, 1960. 1 item.

Box 2 27 Power projections: Columbia River at Grand Coulee, Washington, 1960. 1 item.

28 Power projections: Snake River near Clarkston, Washington, 1960. 1 item.

III. Other Papers, 1957-1981

29-46 Clean Lakes Project: public lakes survey, 1981. 64 items.

47 Historic diversion records -- Upper Snake River Canal, 1972. 1 item.

48 Index to evaluate lake restoration, 1980. 4 items.

49-52 Lake-reservoir-pothole limnological inventory identification forms, 1978. 418 items.

53 Preliminary power studies: Salmon River potential, 1957. 1 item.

54 "Recreation carrying capacity and wild rivers: a case study of the Middle Fork of the Salmon," 1972. 1 item.

55-56 Reservoir capacity allocations, 1978. 46 items.

57 River mile index, 1970. 1 item.

58 US Dept. of Agriculture "Guide to making appraisals of potentials for outdoor recreation developments," 1966. 1 item.

59 National Water Commission. Studies (EES), 1970. 10 items.

60 National Water Commission. Studies (Legal), 1970. 32 items.

61 National Water Commission. Studies (SBS), 1970. 12 items.

62 National Water Commission. Planning panel, 1970-1971. 34 items.

63 Idaho Water Research Board. Transcript of hearing on wild rivers bill at Lewiston, Idaho, October 1965. 1 item.

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