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Agricultural Engineering Department
Records, 1983-1992
17 cubic feet

The records of the Pakistan Project were transferred to the University of Idaho Library by the Agricultural Engineering Department which developed and directed the project, between January and October 1992. They were processed by Judith Nielsen between June and August 1994.


The Irrigation Systems Management/Research (ISM/R) project was based on the premise that resource management can be improved through interdisciplinary, interagency sponsored research that is directed to participants. These participants, included both government officials and farmers who needed new techniques and information in order to maintain good water resource management. The objective of the ISM research project was "to improve the capability of scientists and institutions to manage and conduct irrigation research which will lead to better use of irrigation water in Pakistan."

This project was a cooperative venture between the University of Idaho, Washington State University and Development Alternatives, Inc., in collaboration with the Government of Pakistan, the U.S. Agency for International Development and the World Bank to design and later implement a comprehensive water management research program for the Punjab and Sind regions of Pakistan. The program began in the fall of 1985 and continued through March 1991.

The ISM research program was made up of two interrelated and complementary parts: a) a set of water management research projects which addressed national objectives and research needs of Pakistan and b) institution-building activities which focused on technical training and the development of a well-organized, well-managed, and integrated water management research program for Pakistan. The eight projects and the agencies responsible for their management were: Farm Water Management (PARC and WAPDA), Beyond Watercourse Improvement (WAPDA), Farmer Involvement in Water Management (PCRWR), Integrated Watercourse Management (WAPDA), Public and Private Tubewell Performance, (WAPDA), Irrigation Systems Outside the Indus Basin (WAPDA), Surface Drainage and Water Table Control (DRIP), and Groundwater Models (WAPDA). Each project's designated lead institution was responsible for overall project management. Principal investigators from participating agencies worked closely with University of Idaho advisors on project design and implementation.

In addition to short term and long term Americans advisors working in Pakistan, the project provided for Pakistani engineers and other professionals involved in water resource management to attend short courses or training sessions at American Universities.


The records of the ISM/R project span the years 1983 to 1992, with the bulk of the papers covering the years 1985 to 1990.

The papers include the records of the field office in Lahore, Pakistan and the home office at the University of Idaho. Both include financial records, reports, papers concerning the procurement of equipment, personnel files, correspondence and other office files, and photographs, photographic negatives and slides relating to the project.


A majority of the material in this archival group was in labeled folders when received. The records represent the files of both the Field Office in Lahore, Pakistan and the Home Office at the University of Idaho. Although duplication of material does occur, most notably in the technical directives, TDY reports and telexes and faxes, both sets of records were retained to reflect the activities and interrelationship of both offices. Each of these two series has parallel subseries which are designated financial, reports, procurement of equipment, personnel, office, and photographs.

The first series contains the records of the Field Office. Subseries one contains the financial records and includes cash and voucher journals, checkbook stubs, travel claims and bank statements, all of which show expenditures by the office for local goods and services. These expenses were reimbursed by USAID.

The reports include technical directives, called task orders early in the project, which authorized and described in detail the various projects undertaken by the program. Also included are short- term advisor reports whose numbers correspond to the technical directives, in-country training program proposals and reports, and symposium proceedings. The proposals and reports are in numerical order and a complete list is contained in appendices I-IV.

The third subseries is Procurement which consists of lists of equipment purchased for use by the project.

Personnel, the fourth subseries, contains reports on the participant training program, lists of expatriates working in Pakistan on ISM/R, and personnel files for Pakistani employees of the project.

The final subseries contains photographs of several irrigation projects in Pakistan and views of the surrounding countryside.

Home Office records comprise the second series. The subseries are in the same order as the Field Office records.

The financial records contain detailed yearly budgets for the project including projected and actual expenditures.

The reports section consists of technical directives and short-term advisor or TDY reports. These are arranged alphabetically by author as opposed to the numerical arrangement in the Field Office records.

The procurement of equipment subseries contains extensive records concerning the authorization for and purchase of the equipment shipped to Pakistan. It also contains records of the transfer of this equipment to the Government of Pakistan at the conclusion of the project. This equipment included computers, desks and other office equipment as well as scientific equipment.

The personnel material includes recruitment information for all advisory positions and personnel files of the expatriates working on the project. The third area covered in this subseries is the participant training program which provided for the training in American universities of Pakistani engineers and other professionals who would take over the management of the irrigation systems at the conclusion of the project. Included are correspondence files which detail the setting up of the individual programs, and files on the participants and programs.

The office files contain the project contract, program management information, correspondence, including telexes and faxes, semi-annual and end of tour reports, project reviews, orientation materials for Americans going to Pakistan, copies of the ISM/R newsletter, and reports on the various ISM/R subprojects and training programs.

The photographs in this series include slides used in an introduction to the Palouse for Pakistani visitors, and photographs taken during the Pakistani Project directors tour of Idaho irrigation projects. Also included are a map of the Indian subcontinent and a Lahore guide map.

Because the voucher registers exist, and there is also other summary expenditure information, the vouchers and attached documenting receipts were discarded. Also removed from the collection were duplicate copies of technical directives and reports, and applications of unsuccessful candidates for positions with ISM/R project. In all the records were reduced by 11 cubic feet.


I. Field Office, 1985-1991 Boxes 1-6

A. Financial Records, 1985-1991

B. Reports, 1985-1990

C. Procurement of Equipment, 1989

D. Personnel, 1985-1990

E. Office, 1985-1991

F. Photographs, 1988-1990

II. Home Office, 1983-1992 Boxes 6-17

A. Financial Records, 1985-1992

B. Reports, 1985-1991

C. Procurement of Equipment, 1984- 1990

D. Personnel, 1984-1990

1. Recruitment, 1984-1989
2. Personnel Files, 1984-1991
3. Participant Training, 1986-1990

E. Office, 1983-1991

F. Photographs and maps, 1982- 1987


I Technical Directives

II Short Term Advisor Reports

III In-country training programs Proposals and Correspondence

IV In-country training programs Reports

V Other Reports

VI Local Personnel




Box 	Folder	Description							Items

I. Field Office, 1985-1991

A. Financial Records, 1985-1991

1 1 General ledger, 1985-1991 1 2-3 Petty cash journal, W.E.F., 1987-March 1991 2 4-5 Imprest petty cash journal, August 1985-March 1991 2 6-7 Voucher registers I & II, 1985-1991 2 8-9 Checkbook stubs, Rupee account, 1985-1991 21 10 Deposit slips, 1985-1990 4 11 Dollar account bank statements and related correspondence, 1986-1991 113 12 Receipt vouchers, Account 4881, 1985-1990 79 13 Receipt vouchers, IMPREST, 1986-1991 50 14 Receipt vouchers, USAID advances, 1987 3 15-17 Monthly voucher summaries, 1985-1991 59 18 Vouchers for advances, 1987-1989 6 19-25 Travel claims, local (arranged by person), 1985-1989 284 2 26-28 Travel claims, local, 1985-1989 99 29-32 Travel claims, expatriate, 1985-1990 284 33 Bills for collection, personal telephone calls, 1987-1991 102 34-35 Bank statements and related correspondence, American Express Bank, Lahore, 1985-1991 179 36 Journal sheet, monthly totals, U.S. dollar, 1985-1990 1 37 Commitment liquidation record, 1990 1 38 Budget, 1985-1988 41 39 Budget management, 1985-1990 69 40 Research component, budget, 1985 32

B. Reports, 1985-1990

41-68 Technical directives (See appendix I for complete list) 1-83, 1985-1990 679 3 69-70 Technical directives, 84-89, 1990 25 71-88 Short term advisor reports (See appendix II for complete list), 1-82, 1986-1990 78 89 In country training program: Approvals, projects 2-13, 1988-1989 14 90-98 In country training program: Proposals and correspondence, projects 10-27 (see appendix III for complete list), 1988-1990 164 99-100 In country training program: Reports 11-14 (see appendix IV for complete list), 1989-1990 3 4 101-103 In country training program: Reports 15-27, 1989-1990 5 104-111 Other ISM/R reports (See appendix V for complete list), 1985-1990 53 112 ISM document listing, n.d. 1 113 Symposium: Awards and budget, 1990 24 114 Symposium: Mailing list, 1990 15 115 Symposium: Proceedings, 5v. 1990 5

C. Procurement of Equipment, 1989

5 116 Equipment lists, 1989 4

D. Personnel, 1985-1990

117 Quarterly training reports, 1989-1990 6 118 Participant training plans, 1987-1990 9 119 Participant training printouts, 1990 4 120 Participant training--Pakistan Computing Consultants, training program documents, 1987-1991 1 121 Public relations expenses (U of I added expenses for workshops, e.g. lunches, dinners in conjunction with certificate presentation ceremonies), 1989 1 122 USAID report of long term and short term persons in the country on ISM/R, 1990 9 123 Embassy report (Americans in the country with ISM/R), 1990 14 124 Locator file (where expatriates are staying), 1989-1990 13 125-150 Personnel files (locals), A-Z (see appendix VI for complete list of names), 1985-1990 412 151 Leave status reports, expatriates, 1988-1990 14 152-169 Leave applications, locals, 1985-1990 778

E. Office, 1985-1991

170-172 Telexes, 1985-1990 424 173-174 Faxes, June-December 1990 280 175 Faxes, Outgoing: Local and unofficial 1990 26 176 Faxes: Shane Ryland, March-November 1990 33 177 Faxes: Shipment of goods and equipment to U.S. 1990 23 6 178 Faxes to/from UI, December 1990-March 1991 57 179 Research program specialist, correspondence, 1988-1989 26 180 Research management institution building, readings, 1970-1984 8 181-182 Revised compensation plan, 1985-1990 46 183 ISM/R policy documents, 1989-1990 3 184 Publications list, 1990 3 185 Tarus W. foil project, 1989 7 186 Upgrading soil mechanics and hydraulics labs at Karachi and Hyderabad, 1989-1990 17

F. Photographs, 1988-1990

187 35mm color negatives: oriental carpets, irrigation work, 1988-1989 5 188 Photographs of irrigation projects and surrounding scenery, 1988-1990 164

II. Home Office, 1983-1992

A. Financial Records, 1985-1992

189-194 Budgets, FY 1985-1987 6 7 195-207 Budgets, FY 1987-1990 13 8 208-214 Budgets, FY 1990-1992 7 215 Miscellaneous financial records, 1990-1991 5

B. Reports, 1985-1991

216-218 Technical directives and training programs, 1986-1991 3 219 TDY reports--Guidelines 1 220 Bassett, D.L., 1989 2 221 Bondurant, James, 1986-1991 8 222 Brockway, C.E., 1986-1989 5 223 Carlson, John, 1988 1 224 Chaudhry, M. Haniff, 1989 1 225 Corapcioglu, Yavuz, 1990 1 226 Corey, Gilbert L., 1985-1990 15 227 Doering, E.J., 1987 2 228 Dow, A. Irving, 1986 2 229 Fitzsimmons, D.W., 1986-1988 2 230 Haggerty, Bob, 1986-1989 2 231 Hamilton, Joel, 1986-1988 7 232 Hanson, Donna, 1986-1988 14 233 Hine, Patricia, 1988 1 234 Howell, Robert E., 1990 1 235 Johnson, Gary S., 1986 1 236-238 King, Larry G., 1986-1990 9 239 Kostinko, Gail, 1989 1 9 240 Lusk, Mark W., 1989 2 241 Mattick, Leonard, 1988-1990 4 242 Moden, Walter, 1987 4 243 Naylor, Denny V., 1987-1990 3 244 Nordin, Carl and A.R. Robinson, 1986 4 245 Parlin, Bradley, 1988-1990 4 246 Pruitt, W.O., 1990 1 247 Ralston, Dale, 1987 2 248 Reiss, Peter, 1985-1986 12 249 Replogle, John A., 1990 1 250 Ryland, Shane, 1989-1991 3 251 Schreiber, David L., 1988 1 252 Stellmon, M. William, 1990 1 253 Toney, Michael B., 1989 1 254 Trimmer, Walter L., 1988 1 255 Watts, Fred, 1987 1 256 Wiese, Maury, 1986-1990 7 257 Wiser, Edward, 1988-1989 3 258 Irshad, S.M., Study report of field tours (northwest), May 18-28 and June 8-July 2, 1988 1 259 The irrigation systems management research project, ca.1990 1

C. Procurement of Equipment, 1984-1990

260 PC-I: GOP approvals, 1985-1987 7 261 Miscellaneous purchases, 1985-1988 33 262 IBM XTs W/power supply, 1986-1987 29 263 Equipment, Miscellaneous, 1986-1988 17 264 Field Office report, 1989 1 265 PC-I 400-RP-01: Computer procurement, 1986-1987 41 266 02: Photo/video procurement, 1987 2 267 03: Library procurement, 1987-1988 87 268 04: Office equipment procurement, 1987 14 269 05: Surveying equipment procurement, 1987 16 270 06: Field equipment procurement, 1987-1988 19 271 07: Meteorological procurement, 1987 19 272-273 08: Laboratory equipment procurement, 1987 25 274 09: Office/photo procurement, 1987-1988 12 275 10: Field equipment 2, 1987-1988 20 10 276-277 11: Lab equipment 2, 1988 36 278 12: Well inspection system, 1987-1988 16 279 13: Well logger, 1987-1988 23 280 14: Nitrogen analyzer, 1987-1989 38 281 Communications with DAI (Development Alternatives, Inc.), 1986-1988 75 282 Communications with DAI - electronic procurement, 1987-1988 121 283 USAID, GOP approvals, 1986 5 284 Equipment costs, 1st, 2nd orders, 1987-1989 7 285 Equipment locations, 1986-1987 4 286 Export license, 1984-1985 16 287 International transportation network, 1986 19 288 Procurement procedures, 1986-1989 6 289 PC-I Proforma: Irrigation Systems Management Research Project, PCRWR, Islamabad, 1985 1 290 Irrigation System Management Research PARC research, Islamabad, 1986 1 291 Irrigation Systems Management Research, WAPDA, Lahore, 1985 1 292 Mona Reclamation Experiment Project, 1984-1988, Bahlwal, October 1984 1 293 Lower Indus Water Management and Reclamation Research Project, Sind, Lahore, July 1983 292 294 Masterplan, 1985-1987 5 295-299 Annual work plan, 1985/86-1989/90 14 300 Equipment lists and specifications, 1988-1989 5 301-303 Equipment notebook: reports, inventory, correspondence, transfers, packing lists, 1987-1988 1 304 Equipment lists, specifications reports, 1988-1989 59 11 305 Original equipment lists submitted to USAID for approval, 1986 1 306 Equipment, first order, 1986-1988 100 307 IRI equipment, 1988-1989 50 308 Sind IRI specifications, 1990 6 309 LIM equipment, 1988-1989 12 310 Equipment, second order, 1985-1987 31 311 IRI equipment lists/requirements, 1987-1988 13 312 USAID approvals, equipment, 1989 9 313 Source/origin wavers, 1986-1990 27 314 Equipment maintenance & miscellaneous, 1989-1990 7 315 Equipment transfer, 1990 4 316 Equipment procurement, 1990 61 317 Equipment procurement under ISM/R contract, LIM & IRI specifications, May 1989 1 318 Record of equipment delivered to GOP agencies, first procurement, October 15, 1990 1 319 Equipment, 1987-1989 31 320 Equipment inventory, 1988-1990 21 321 Air compressor for SMO, 1990 7 322-323 Equipment summaries, 1989-1990 8 324 Notebook I, WSU purchase orders, 1989-1990 66 325 Notebook II, Property inventories, nonexpendable, 1987-1990 63

D. Personnel, 1984-1990

1. Recruitment, 1984-1989

326 Recruitment, General information, 1987-1988 26 327 Chief of Party, 1988 28 328 Data Management Specialist, 1989 1 329 Field Director, 1989 1 330-332 Hydrologist, 1986-1988 69 333-335 Irrigation Agronomist, 1986-1988 69 336-339 Program Assistant, 1984-1989 60 12 340 Research Program Specialist, 1986-1988 11 341-343 Social Scientist, 1986-1988 118 344 Training Coordinator, 1986 9

2. Personnel Files, 1984-1991

345 Administrators trip to Pakistan, 1989 2 346 Allen, Richard, 1988 30 347 Baxter, John, 1988-1991 115 348 Bassett, Day L., 1986-1990 23 349 Becker, Clarence, 1990 18 350 Bloomsburg, George, 1990 4 351 Bondurant, James A., 1987-1991 109 352 Branen, Larry, 1987 5 353 Brockway, Charles, 1986-1989 40 354 Busch, John, 1989 20 355 Carlson, John, 1987-1988 26 356 Corapcioglu, Yavuz, 1989 9 357 Corey, Gilbert, 1986-1990 129 358 Dimick, Niel, 1986-1987 26 359-360 Doering, 1986-1991 159 361 Dow, Irving, 1986-1987 7 362 English, Marshall, 1989 6 363 Fedale, Scott, 1986-1988 27 364 Fitzsimmons, Delbert, 1985-1988 47 365 Geiger, Joseph, 1988-1989 13 366 George, Paulette, 1984 1 367 Haggerty, Robert, 1987-1990 61 368 Hamilton, Joel, 1986-1988 26 369 Hanson, Donna, 1985-1988 36 370 Hine, Patricia, 1987-1988 14 371 Howell, Bob, 1990-1991 5 372 Johnson, Gary, 1985-1990 76 373 Kemper, W. Doral, 1989 26 374 Khan, Samina, 1988-1989 20 375 King, Larry, 1986-1989 3 376 Kostinko, Gail, 1988-1989 32 377 Leonhart, Cynthia, 1989-1991 17 378 Lingg, Al, 1989 15 379 Lowdermilk, Max, 1987-1988 1 380 Lusk, Mark, 1989 38 381 Mattick, Leonard, 1988-1990 67 382 Moden, Walter, 1986-1987 11 383 Moore, Rae Ellen, 1987-1989 23 13 384 Naylor, Denny, 1987-1990 36 385 Nordin, Carl F., 1986-1990 36 386 Otawa, Toru, 1989 23 387 Parlin, Bradley, 1988-1990 86 388 Pruitt, William, 1989 30 389 Ralston, Dale R., 1985-1987 11 390 Reiss, Peter, 1986-1987 5 391 Replogle, John, 1990 15 392 Riley, John A., 1988 5 393 Robichaud, Peter, 1989 11 394 Robinson, A.R., 1985-1996 29 395 Robinson, Clarence, 1987-1991 35 396 Ryland, Shane, 1988-1990 23 397 Schreiber, David, 1988-1989 40 398 Schwennesen, Jean, 1986-1987 9 399 Simmons, George, 1988 6 400 Stellmon, M. William, 1989-1990 15 401 Toney, Michael, 1988-1990 26 402 Trimmer, Walter, 1986 16 403 Watts, F.J., 1987 21 404-405 Wiese, Maury, 1987-1990 79 406 Williams, Doris, 1988-1989 27 407 Wiser, Edward, 1988-1990 130 408 Wray, Gleanne, 1987 4 409 Zakrajsek, Dorothy, 1987 4 410 Agreement to pay annual leave, 1990 9 411 Biodata forms, 1986-1990 41 412 Consulting and long term agreements, 1988 7 413 Insurance, 1984-1989 50 414 Returned overhead, 1989 18 415 Sunday pay, 1988-1990 24 4l6 Travel costs, 1987-1989 46

3. Participant Training, 1986-1990

417 Asian Institute of Technology, 1987-1988 10 418 Study tour, S.E. Asia Water Users Associations, 1988 5 4l9 ISM/R Correspondence, in-coming, 1987-1990 26 420 ISM/R Correspondence, out-going, 1987-1990 17 421 ISM/R Telexes and faxes, 1987-1990 197 422 ISM/R in-country training, 1987 2 423 ISM/R non-degree training evaluations, 1987-1988 2 424 ISM/R training certificates of completion, 1988-1989 4 425-426 ISM/R training plans, 1986-1988 45 427 ISM/R internships, summer 1988 28 428 ISM/R trip reports, Haggerty, 1986-1989 4 429 Pakistan Participant Training Program, Academy for Educational Development, 1988 5 430 Ahmad, Muhammad Naseer and Sheikh Mazhar Saeed, Groundwater modeling short course, 4 weeks, Fall 1988 29 431 Ahmad, Rashid (PCRWR), Technical writing, editing, publications, Colorado State University, 1990 1 432 Ahmed, Manzoor and Banaras H. Niazi, Soil reclamation internship, 1988-1989 11 433 Ahmed, Manzoor, Private and public tubewell performance, 3 month internship, Utah State University, 1990 19 434 Ahmed, Dr. Nazir, Biotic and chemical reclamation of soils, 1987-1989 25 435 Ali, Naimat and Umed Ali Buriro (PARC), Soil, water fertilizer interaction, UI, Mahler/Hammel, 1989 49 436 Arain, Khalid Saeed (WAPDA), Water management, 1988 8 437 Aslam, Muhammad, Soil reclamation internship, 1988-1989 31 14 438 Bajwa, Ather Rashid (WAPDA), Agronomy, Tuskegee University, 1989 5 439 Bhatti, Munir, (CSU USAID/PPTP ISM/R), Research proposal, 1989 7 440 Chaudhry, M.R., Southwestern U.S. trip, February, 1987 12 441 Faizi, Fazal Ahmet, Ground and surface water modeling, Fall 1990 5 442 Hydraulic Research Administration Training, 1990-1991 16 443 Iqbal, Jawed (PCRWR), Problems and practices of irrigation systems, Colorado State University, June-August 1989 3 444 Iqbal, Shamin, Short course (18 weeks), Administrative management, 1989-1990 37 445 Irrigation and fertilizer application methods, 5 weeks, PSES/AgEng, May 20-June 21, 1991 11 446 Irrigation management research methodology, June 3-August 9, 1991 29 447 Ismail, Shoaib. Soil reclamation internship, CSU, 1989 53 448 Kazi, Adil Amin (PCRWR/NADLIN), information and dissemination internship, 1989-1990 27 449 Khaleeq, Anjum, Advanced techniques in information technology internship (6 months), 1988-1989 28 450 Khan, Nasrullah (PCRWR), Hydrology internship, 1989-1991 30 451 Kumbhar, Abdul Majeed Abdullah (PARC), Soil reclamation internship, 1989 21 452 Memon, Shafi Mohammad and Zafar Ullah Khan, Irrigation, soil, water, and fertilizer management internship, 1989-1990 60 453 Moinuddin, Sheikh (WAPDA), Geochemistry of water, 1989 29 454 Nazir, Dr. M. Shafi, Soil, water, fertilizer interaction, 1989 12 455 On-farm irrigation scheduling, design, and evaluation, May-July 1991 16 456 Pakistan ISM/R project directors study tour, October-November 1987 62 457 Research administration study tour, 1989 31 458 Research methodology short course, 1991 27 459 Soil and water conservation and management, USU, 1989-1990 12 460 Salim, Mohammed, Nitrogen management in soils, 1987-1988 37 461 Soomro, Abdul Qayoom (DRIP/PCRWR), Soil and water chemistry, 1990-1992 22 462 Tahir, M. Aslam (PCRWR), Soil and water chemistry, WSU, June-August, 1990, 1990-1992 14 463 Well logging training (COMPROBE/USGS/USBR) July-August 1988 23 464 Yahya, Muhammad (WAPDA), Biotic reclamation of sodic soils, 8 week short course, 1990 7 465 Yasmin, Muzhat (PCRWR/NADLIN), Information and dissemination internship, 1989-1990 28 466 Zaffar, Ismail, Soil, water, fertilizer interaction, 1988-1989 19 467-468 Irrigation, water, fertilizer management, UI, Mahler/Hammel, outline and participants, 1989-1990 55 469-470 Nitrogen irrigation crop management, outline and participants, April 30-September 21, 1990 60 471-473 Irrigation management research methodology, short course, outline and participants, 1989 119 474-475 Irrigation management research methodology, short course, outline and participants, 1990 99

E. Office, 1983-1991

476 USAID project paper: Pakistan--management of agricultural research and technology, August, 1984 1 477 Contract, 1985 3 478-479 Contract notebook, 1985-1991 1 15 480 Program management notebook, 1985-1989 1 481 International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience, n.d. 4 482 Program design - Fitzsimmons, 1983-1984 67 483 Project management - Fitzsimmons, 1984 32 484 Competitive grants review, 1990 1 485 Equipment, 1989-1991 17 486 ISM/R stationery, n.d. 4 487 Travel, general, 1983-1989 2 488 Correspondence, John Anania (USAID)/Gilbert Corey, 1984-1986 16 489 Correspondence, USAID contracting office, 1990 18 490-497 Letters/Memos, 1983-1991 663 495-504 Telexes/Faxes, 1984-1988 944 16 505-512 Telexes/Faxes, 1989-1991 611 513 Reports: End of tour, 1987-1990 7 514-515 Reports: Semi-annual, 1987-1991 12 516 Reports: Project review/evaluation, 1989 2 517 Reports: Progress, 1986-1989 13 518 Advisory committee, 1984-1989 22 519 Air freight shipments, 1985-1990 61 520 Orientation programs: Consultants, VIP, Long-term, 1987-1988 45 521 Travel regulations, 1985-1991 10 522 Announcements, short-term positions, 1987 9 523 Recruitment/Advertising, 1986-1988 18 524 Newsletter, 1985-1989 9 525 Press releases, 1985-1989 68 526 Policy issues, general and specific, 1985-1989 38 527 Institutional policy, 1984-1990 16 528 University of Illinois contract, 1984-1985 5 529 IRIs 1989-1990 9 530 Technical assistance costs/summary, 1988-1989 8 531 NADLIN, 1989 4 532 Progress reviews, 1986-1988 4 533 IRICO, 1984-1986 10 534 Irrigation research institutes, 1985-1986 10 535 Tours: G.M. Ghattak, 1986 4 536 Tours: SMO training tour, 1988 1 537 Tours: Evaluations, 1987 1 17 538 Tours: Project directors, 1987 82 539 Training correspondence, 1986-1989 9 540 Tubewell performance reports, 1986-1987 3 541 Watercourse monitoring/evaluation, 1986-1987 4 542 Surface drainage/water table control, 1986-1988 3 543 Outside Indus, 1986-1987 3 544 Library/Documentation Center, 1988 2 545 Watercourse management, 1986-1988 2 546 Ground and surface water modeling, 1986-1987 3 547 Farm water management, 1986-1988 8 548 Encouraging water users, 1986-1988 4 549 Competitive grants, 1986-1988 3 550 In country training programs, 1987-1988 10 551-554 Technical directives, 1986-1989 65 555 Internship/short course training, 1987-1989 25 556 Training needs, 1986-1991 25 557 Training, non-degree programs, 1987-1988 5 558 Internship: Salim; Ali and Buriro, 1988-1989 16 559 Internship: Khaleeq; Zafar, Nazir, 1988-1989 20 560 Internship: soil reclamation; Groundwater modeling; Irrigation, soil, water and nitrogen fertilizer management, 1989-1990 6 561 Training: Biotic reclamation of salt-affected soils; Geochemistry of water; Administrative management, 1989 16 562 Training: Information dissemination; Soil, water, irrigation management; Soil and water chemistry, 1990 19 563 Training: Tubewell performance; Irrigation and fertilizer application; Soil and water chemistry, 1990-1991 10 564 Training, 1989-1990 39 565-566 Orientation materials for Americans, 1986-1988 36 567 Administrative assistant report, design phase, 1984 1 568 An overview of the irrigation systems management research project, October 1987 1 569 Women in Development proposal for Pakistan, 1984-1985 6 570 Final report ISM/R design, 1984 1 571 Per diem allowances, 1985-1988 8 572 5 1/4" computer diskettes 1. Jean-Pak. (Symphony). Correspondence and instructions, records of Jean Schwennesen and Rae Ellen Moore, 1986-1988. 2. M89Newltr/Travel tips. (Word Perfect) March 1989 newsletter; travel trips for travellers to Pakistan, 1988-1989 3. Travel and other ISMR. (Symphony). Correspondence and memos of D.W. Fitzsimmons & Ray Ellen Moore, 1986-1988 4. IMM data disk, 1-26-88 (cannot read) 5. IMM w/DOS. (Binary), 9/26/88 6. Address labels. (Text), 1986 7. Corresp. (Wordperfect), Correspondence and memos re: travel to Pakistan, 1988-1989 8. MCI-3 (Symphony), MCI telexes, 1988 9. Symphony (Mono) (Binary) Program disk 10-11. Symphony (Mono) with niceprint for MCI mail (binary) 12. IMM data disk. (Text), Telexes, 1988-1989 13. IMM w/DOS workdisk (Binary) 13

F. Photographs and maps, 1982-1987

573 Slides: Introduction to the Palouse; Pakistan irrigation canals, 1987 3 574 Photographs: Project directors tour; Miscellaneous, ca.1987 34 575 Maps: Indian subcontinent; Lahore guide map, 1982-1987 2



Technical Directives

1. To upgrade the Irrigation Research Institutes in Punjab and Sind by improving their capability to conduct active and relevant research projects with modern equipment and trained personnel. October 20, 1985.

2 To provide equipment specifications in order to expedite procurement and insure that micro computers and software are compatible with needs. April 7, 1986.

3 To prepare equipment specifications to expedite procurement and insure that documentation equipment is compatible with needs. To assist the Pakistan Council for Research in Water Resources with the development of a training plan and procedure for library acquisition. To assist PCRWR with the final selection of staff for the Documentation/Information Center. To conduct training in documentation and information dissemination techniques for staff of the center. January 27, 1986.

4 In consultation and working with the professionals of SCARP Monitoring to prepare plans for initiation of the ground water modeling program; evaluate existing data bases and recommend format for collecting and collating data for later use in models; Define the role of the Analog Modeling Cell in the Project. To evaluate the suitability of the Advisor for assignment as the Hydrologist on the Long-term resident contractor team in Pakistan. April 1986

5 To provide needed assistance and advice to personnel implementing the Farm Water Management sub-project. To evaluate the suitability of the Advisor for assignment as the Irrigation Agronomist on the Long term resident contractor team in Pakistan. April 1986.

6 To initiate the Beyond Watercourse Management subproject expeditiously and along lines that permit best use of the available data base. June 1986.

7 To initiate the Surface Drainage and Water Table Control subproject expeditiously and according to the original design. [Larry King]. August 1986.

8 To assist with design of the format for the Competitive Grants activity. [Maurice V. Wiese]. August 1986.

9 To provide on-the-job training to the PCRWR staff who will manage and operate the Documentation/Information Center. September 1986.

10 To initiate the Nitrogen Recovery component of the Farm Water Management subproject with the latest techniques and knowledge. To develop reliable and appropriate techniques to collect data for the Water and Salt Balance study. September 1986.

11 To initiate the Irrigation System outside the Indus Basin subproject expeditiously. October 1986.

12 To construct and maintain earthen watercourses using tractor powered machines. To test machines available in Pakistan for this purpose. To design a role for mechanization in the ISM Research program. October 1986.

13 To conduct an assessment of the computer training needs of researchers and support staff from institutions collaborating with ISMR and design a training program which seeks to enhance the use of computers in their research and management activities. December 10, 1986.

14 To design training courses in groundwater simulation and well hydraulics and performance analysis. To finalize research plans for the public and Private Tubewell subproject. February 1987.

15 To finalize sailaba studies and work plant to be conducted under the Irrigation Systems Outside the Indus Basin subproject. April 1987.

16 To design a three-year research plan for the Biotic and Chemical Reclamation of Soils and the Salt Balance studies that are part of the Farm Water management sub-project. March 1987.

17 To review the progress of ISMR in the areas relating to salinity, drainage and water table control, to determine the adequacy of content and degree of duplication with other national programs and, finally, to recommend a course of action for the remaining three project years. April 1987.

18 To determine feasibility of increasing karez discharge. To understand the influence of delay action dams on the adjacent ground water conditions. May 1987.

19 The Short Term Advisor is to assist in the conduction of workshop for the potential collaborators under the Competitive Grants Programme. The participants of the workshop would be trained in writing proposals, and reports/papers. They will also be trained in designing, carrying out and collection and presentation of information obtained from the studies. May 1987.

20 The Short Term Advisor (An Agri-Economist) is to help, organize and train the collaborators for carrying out field research. He may also be required to train the collaborators in the collection and presentation of data obtained from the research under this component of the ISM-R project. May 1987.

21 To select appropriate equipment and provide specifications to expedite procurement. June 1987.

22 To evaluate the Surface Drainage and Water Table Control sub-project and plan its implementation strategy for the next two years. October 1987.

23 To design and test an appropriate method of combining small tubewells with canal supplies in order to optimize production per unit area on a watercourse area. September 1987.

24 To understand dBase III+, its application and where its use is applicable. To design a data base for the mass of data previously collected by the Watercourse Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate. December 1987.

25 To analyze existing data to provide outputs useful to researchers and planners. February 1988.

26 To evaluate the groundwater inventory test sites surrounding pilot karezes and make adjustments where and if needed and prepare a work plan for use of the data in Karez flow augmentation. February 1988.

27 To implement studies and research on the sailaba method of irrigation under the Irrigation Systems Outside the Indus Basin sub-project. March 1988.

28 The objective of the short-term advisor visit will be to develop ground-water flow and transport modeling skills of SCARP Monitoring researchers through in- country training and cooperative research. March 1988.

29 To compile, from local institutions, relevant research results on the subject of optimizing crop production from limited irrigation water supplies. April 1988.

30 To procure equipment for the Punjab Irrigation Research Institute expeditiously. June 1988.

31 Develop an analysis plan for the database being developed by Watercourse Monitoring and Evaluation. [Dr. Shane Ryland] December 1988.

32 To install laboratory equipment according to design and to use and maintain it correctly and effectively. June 1988.

33. To conduct a midterm review of progress on the Irrigation and Nitrogen Fertilizer Management Sub-project and on the Biotic and Chemical Reclamation Sub-project of the Farm Water Management Project, to recommend possible improvements in these programs for the remainder of the current project term, and to suggest fruitful lines of future research on Irrigation and nitrogen fertilizer management and on biotic and chemical reclamation of sodic soils. [Denny V. Naylor] June 1988.

34. To review the progress and work plans of the Irrigation Systems Outside the Indus Basin sub-project. July 1988.

35 To combine small tubewell discharge with canal supplies in order to optimize production per unit area on a watercourse area where more than one farmer is involved by delivering irrigation water according to crop demand. August 1988.

36 To review the design and progress of the ISM Research Project mid-way through implementation in order to make corrections and/or modifications in design, content or procedures. August 1988.

37 To review the Groundwater modeling and tubewell performance projects evaluate the final two-year work plan. To assess the suitability of the nominated hydrologist for the long- term assignment to the ISMR field team. September 1988.

38 The short term advisor (an applied anthropologist) is required to help the collaborators in organizing the research on scientific methods and to assist them in collection of data during field research and its presentation, under EWU component of ISM-R Project. he will prepare guidelines to monitor and evaluate the research activities under EWU component and see that these guidelines are followed in EWU studies. [Bradley Parlin] August 1988.

39 To learn more about the role of women in water management. [Dr. Samina Khan] September 1988.

40 To implement the Competitive grants program according to design and as expeditiously as practical. January 1989.

41 Prepare a PC-1 for establishment of an adaptive research unit within the Irrigation Department of the Northwest Frontier Province. [Dr. C.E. Brockway] November 1988.

42 Prepare a PC-1 for establishment of an adaptive research unit within the Irrigation Department of Baluchistan Province. [Gilbert Corey] November 1988.

43 To review the progress and work plans of the Irrigation Systems Outside the Indus Basin sub-project. [Jim Bondurant] December 1988.

44 Provide technical assistance in problem identification and description through qualitative rapid appraisal for the EWU Project. [Dr. Mark Lusk] December 1988.

45 Continuation of technical assistance for a salt transport model of SCARP VI, Unit I - Allahbad. [Dr. Yavuz Corapcioglu] December 1988.

46 Provide statistical support for on-going WM& ED advanced analytical review and for monitoring and evaluation survey techniques. Provide editorial support for preparation of publication reporting results of advanced analytical review. [Dr. Shane Ryland] March 1989.

47 Provide technical assistance in data management and analysis for organizations collaborating with ISM research. [Edward Wiser] January 1989.

48 To assist the participant researchers under the Encouraging Water Users project with their on-going research programs. [Bradley W. Parlin] April 1989.

49 To review the progress and work plans and to assist with implementation of these plans for the Irrigation Systems Outside the Indus Basin sub-project. [James Bondurant] April 1989.

50 To provide technical assistance in the installation of sprinkler irrigation system, in implementation of irrigation/crop selection study, to develop a research study on irrigation of fruit trees with a trickle system, and for preparation of manuscripts and reports. [D.L. Bassett] April 1989.

51 Missing

52 To assist the participant researchers under the Encouraging Water Users project with their on-going research programs. [Dr. Bradley Parlin] April 30, 1989.

53 Missing

54 To assist with designing a system for the monitoring and evaluation of WAPDA sub- surface tile drainage project at Mona. [Dr. Larry King] June 1, 1989.

55 Redraft, update, and correct the "Bluebook of CGP (Competitive Grants Program) Guidelines and Policies". draft PIC operations manual, and assist with format and editing of the Annual Research Progress Reports to be presented at the CGP annual conference and published by PCRWR. [Maurice Wiese] May 1989.

56 Provide engineering, hydrology, instrumentation, and data processing and analysis assistance to the technical assistance team and its collaborators on the Irrigation Systems Management Research Project. [Dr. Edward Wiser] May 1989.

57 To provide assistance to nine collaborating laboratories and institutions that need specialized skills/techniques for the maintenance, repair, and replacement of any equipment procured under ISM/R project. To impart in-country training to the Pakistani scientists in designing a modern scientific laboratory. [Dr. Leonard R. Mattick] June 1989.

58 To assist the PCRWR director of the competitive grants program on design and technical advice for four research projects funded under the CGP. [Dr. Chaudry Haniff] June 1989.

59 To provide technical assistance to the Irrigation Systems Outside the Indus Basin sub- project and to the Competitive Grants Program. [Dr. Larry King] August 8, 1989.

60. To assist the participant researchers under the Encouraging Water Users project with their on-going research programs. [Bradley Parlin] August 21, 1989.

61 Conduct workshop III on Conclusions and Policy Implications in Irrigation Organization Research for PIs involved in the EWU sub-project. [Dr. Gilbert Corey] August 21, 1989.

62 To analyze the available Chabba Distributary data to identify a range of flow and farm field sizes that are easily and efficiently manageable for optimum conveyance and application efficiencies and distribution uniformities under the existing irrigation farming practices. [James Bondurant] August 1989.

63 To produce a film based on the systems-research conducted under ISM/R on irrigation in various habitats and provinces of Pakistan. October 1989.

64 To review the progress and work plans and to assist with implementation of these plans for the Irrigation Systems Outside the Indus Basin sub-project. [James Bondurant] December 1989.

65 To assist WAPDA scientists involved with sub-projects in integrated watercourse management to write technical reports concerning their ISM/R research programs. [Dr. Gilbert Corey] December 1989.

66 To provide technical assistance to Planning South Directorate of WAPDA to help develop a design manual for the improvement and rehabilitation of karezes in Balochistan Province. [Larry King] February 7, 1990.

67 To review concept, design and progress of the Competitive Grants Program being implemented by the Pakistan Council for Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) and to make recommendations to USAID regarding continuation of the program. January 1990.

68 Assist with the program and agenda for a CGP conference and with editing and formatting CGP Annual Progress Reports to be presented at the CGP conference and published by PCRWR. [Maurice Wiese] February 1990.

69 Provide soils and hydraulics laboratories of the Sindh Provincial Irrigation Department with the latest laboratory and field equipment. [Denny Naylor & Dell Fitzsimmons] April 10, 1990.

70 To assist the participant researchers under the Encouraging Water Users Project to conclude their on-going research programs. [Michael Toney] May 21, 1990.

71 Assist ISM/R cooperators in writing of technical reports and manuscripts which summarize their research programs. [William Stellmon] April 1990

72 Refresher course in basic statistics (no formal TD), August 1990

73 Continuation of technical assistance on the "salt transport model" for SCARP VI, Unit I - Allahabad. [Yavuz Corapcioglu] April 1990

74 Provide engineering, hydrology, instrumentation, and data processing and analysis assistance to the technical assistance team and its collaborators on the Irrigation Systems Management Research Project. [Edward H. Wiser] March 1990

75 To provide technical assistance to Planning South Directorate, WAPDA, for the condition survey of Karezes in Baluchistan. [James Bondurant] September 1990

76 To review projects in progress, to assist in the development and implementation of further project plans for the Irrigation Systems Outside the Indus Basin sub-project and to assist in data analysis and report formulation on- going projects. [James Bondurant] May 1990

77 To give training on flow measurement in open channel and piped distribution systems for irrigation research plot work and to assist in implementation of flow measurement on research plots for various ISM/R cooperators. [John Replogle] August 1990

78 Assist ISM/R cooperators in writing of technical reports and manuscripts which summarize their research programs. [Day Bassett] April 1990

79 To introduce water management research leaders of ISM/R - senior engineers, soil scientists and agronomists - to the social science perspective and methodology. [Peter Reiss] August 1990

80 Set up one EM-38 unit for operation in Pakistani soil conditions and train personnel of WMED, WAPDA in its use. July 1990

81 To provide an understanding of research findings on the socio-economic impact of agricultural development programs and to teach practical methods for evaluating these programs. [Robert Howell] August 1990

82 To assist with the installation and to provide hands-on- training on the use and maintenance of the sophisticated laboratory equipment expected to arrive soon in Pakistan for LIM Hyderabad. Visit each of the nine ISM/R collaborating laboratories for providing assistance with the repairs, replacement and maintenance of the equipment supplied under ISM/R Project which are in use for about two years or more. [Leonard Mattick] July 1990

83 Assist with review of papers for the ISM/Research November 1990 symposium and preparation of a report containing important findings, major issues and recommendations for program continuation and/or technology transfer to end users. [Gilbert Corey] September 1990.

84 Continuation of technical assistance on the "salt transport model" for SCARP VI, Unit I - Allahabad. [Yavuz Corapcioglu] September 1990.

85 To evaluate research presentations at the ISM research symposium and select the best. September 1990.

86 To assist with the program and agenda for CGP Phase-IV workshops and review of CGP in general. [Maurice Wiese] September 1990

87 First phase of the ISM-R project is going to be exhausted. The evaluation and monitoring of 1st phase and review of the development plant of ISM-R project phase II is required to be carried out. October 1990,

88 To review projects in progress, to assist in the development and implementation of further project plans for the Irrigation Systems Outside the Indus Basin sub-project and to assist in data analysis and report formulation on- going project. [James Bondurant] December 1990.

89 To provide technical assistance to Planning South Directorate, WAPDA, for the condition survey of Karezes in Baluchistan. [Larry King] December 1990.

unnumbered To commission a special task force to conduct an in-depth analysis of all available information that might provide a better understanding of the agricultural and irrigation interface when the supply of irrigation water is insufficient for full production on all land served by the irrigation system. December 1988.



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In-country training programs
Proposals and Correspondence

2 To provide staff of the Watercourse Monitoring and Evaluation unit with hand-on experience in the use of computers for the management and analysis of data. April 1987

3 To provide engineers and technicians with improved and accurate methods and techniques to measure water in research projects. April 1987

4 To have all concerned staff of all institutions involved in the ISM Research Project conversant with computer use and to have their computers fully utilized in the pursuit of project objectives. September 1987

5 To have all concerned staff of all institutions involved in the ISM Research Project conversant with computer use and to have their computers fully utilized in the pursuit of project objectives. September 1987

7 To introduce computer aided techniques into water management research concerned with scheduling irrigation water to crops, keeping in view that canal supplies are delivered on a fixed schedule. March 1988

8 To provide on-the-job training to NADLIN and cooperating library staff who manage and operate the ISMR Documentation and Information network. April 1988

9 To make the best use video equipment, procured under the ISM Research project, as a research and information dissemination tool. June 1988

10 To introduce the application of Geographical Information Systems, operating on personal computers, to the field of water resources management. [Toru Otawa] August 1988

11 To introduce agricultural drainage theory and construction techniques to research engineers. [Larry King] August 1988

12 Provide training in simulation of ground-water flow to a well so that trainees may subsequently use simulation to study and understand well characteristics and be able to analyze results of pumping tests of deteriorating tubewells. [Gary Johnson] January 1989.

13 To provide on the job training to officers of NADLIN and to librarians and documentalists of collaborating libraries. [Gail Kostinko] January 1989.

14 To train drainage engineers and planners in evaluation and monitoring of drainage projects in order to assess project benefits. [Larry King] April 1989.

15 To train junior and senior engineers in the use of various methods for determining "potential ET" and "actual water requirements" of irrigated crops. [William O. Pruitt] April 1989.

16 To get the irrigation/agricultural researchers and engineers acquainted with the use of tensiometers for irrigation research at the farm level for increasing water use efficiency. [Akhtar Bhatti] April 1989.

17 Provide intensive training in database management through the use of dBase III Plus software for SCARPS monitoring organization officials. [Wilson Lear] August 1989

18 Provide a unified presentation of material basic to use of computers for modeling and data base operations. [Edward Wiser] August 1989

19 To inculcate ability for reconnaissance of irrigation organization and impart skills for rapid assessment of research requirements for eventual intervention to the principal investigators of the EWU sub-project. In addition, to introduce the practice of active review of peer research sites as an integral feature of quality research activity. [Jamshed Tirmizi and John Baxter. August 1989

20 To increase analytical output and promote assay results that are accurate and reproducible. To optimize available resources and to produce results in an efficient way. [Leonard R. Mattick] December 1989

21 To review ISM/R results from experiments that have been conducted in the areas of N leaching, and biotic and chemical reclamation. To analyze successes and problems with the above two phases of the Farm Water Management Research sub-project. Introduce format and reporting procedures to be utilized by the Pakistani scientists to publish the results of their experiments, and to create a first draft of the final report for these experiments. To identify and coordinate future direction of cooperative research in these areas. [ John C. Baxter] September 1989.

22 To train selected SCARPS monitoring organization officials in the BASIC programming language. [Wilson Lear] January 1990

23 Present a general introduction to SPSS/PC+, including data entry, access to DBASE files, and elementary statistical analysis; Present a detailed introduction to the analysis of variance using SPSS/PC+. [Edward Wiser] January 1990

28 To get the GOP participants acquainted with recording, inserting and editing techniques through sophisticated VHS video and editing systems distributed under ISM/R to various research collaborators in Pakistan [Erik Anderson] April 1990.



In-country training programs

11 King, Larry G. Design and construction of horizontal drains. December 1989

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27 Khan, Abdul Ghaffar and Hayat-Ullah Khan. Training course on the calibration, use and maintenance of the surveying equipment including EDM theodolites. July 1990.



Other Reports

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Final report: Project review/Technical evaluation, April 17, 1989

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Papers presented at the ISM/R all-project workshop organized by the University of Idaho, session IV: Water and fertilizer management. Lahore, May 1990

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Local Personnel

Ahmed Wyne, Zaheer
Babar, Yousaf
Benjamin, Anthony
Chishti, Muhammad Z.K.
Din, Roshan
Gill, Ilyas
Gill, Javed
Gill, Yaqoob
Hafeez, Shahid
Haq, Iftikar-ul
Hussain, Shahid
Jamal, Hayat
John, Peter
Khairati, Samson
Khan, Hayat Ullah
Khan, Shaheen
Khawaja, Shahid
Khokar, Yaqoob
Masih, Sadiq
Murray, Mildred
Pervaiz, Ijaz
Sadiq, Choudhary Mohammad
Samuel, Yousaf
Tirmizi, Jamshed
Yousaf, Albert


AZRI Arid Zone Research Institute
CGP Competitive Grants Program
DRIP Drainage and Reclamation Institute of Pakistan
EWU Encouraging Water Users project
GOP Government of Pakistan
ISM/R Irrigation Systems Management Research Project
IRI Irrigation Research Institute
LIM Lower Indus Mona (Water Management and Reclamation Plan)
NADLIN National Documentation Centre, Library & Information Network
NARC National Agricultural Research Center
PARC Pakistan Agricultural Research Council
PC-1 Planning Commission-1 (Reports and requisition authorization)
PCRWR Pakistan Council for Research in Water Resources
PIO/T Project implementation order/Technical services
PIRI Punjab Irrigation Research Institute
SCARP Salinity Control and Reclamation Project
USAID United States Agency for International Development
WAPDA Water and Power Development Authority
WM& ED Watercourse Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate

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