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A Newsletter for Supporters of the University of Idaho Library

Winter 2005/2006

Editor: Stacey Karn, University of Idaho Graduate Student

They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.  ~Confucius

University of Idaho Library Welcomes Five New Librarians
Winter 2005/2006 Issue
By Lynn Baird, Associate Dean

As many might have guessed, with the retirement of Head of Special Collections, Terry Abraham, has come a new addition to the University of Idaho Library and Library Associates--Nathan Bender.

Nathan Bender Photograph

New Head of Special Collections and Archives, Nathan Bender, at the annual library holiday party. Photo courtesy of Diane Prorak, UI Library Staff Association.

Nathan Bender is our new Head of Special Collections and Archives and comes from the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming, where he was the curator of the McCracken Research Library. He has worked previously as librarian for the Western History Collections at the University of Oklahoma Libraries, as head of the Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections and University Archives at the Montana State University Libraries, and as curator of the West Virginia and Regional History Collections at the West Virginia University Libraries. He holds a MLS from Kent State and a MA from University of Washington in Anthropology.

In addition to Mr. Bender, the University of Idaho Library has had the pleasure of welcoming four other new librarians recently. Our other recent hires include Mike Pollastro, Rochelle Smith, Debra Spidal, and Nancy Sprague.

Mike Pollastro has returned to UI as a Reference Librarian, working with agricultural economics, animal and veterinary sciences, entomology, rural sociology, and accounting bibliography, Patents and Trademarks, and “other duties as assigned.” We are pleased to welcome Mike back, where some of you may remember him from his earlier service to UI. Mike is a graduate of the Catholic University of America and has been a librarian at Washington State University, the Easton Area Public Library, and Neill Public Library.

Rochelle Smith is another new Reference Librarian, serving as the subject specialist for Conservation Social Sciences and Microbiology, Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry. Rochelle is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and is completing her MFA in Creative Writing. She has previously held positions at Yale University, the E.F. Schumacher Library, the New Haven Free Public Library, and the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Nancy Sprague completes our list of new Reference Librarians. She serves as our subject specialist for chemistry, geological sciences, mathematics, physics, and statistics. Her MLS is from the University of Arizona, and she has come to Moscow by way of Edinburgh, Scotland, where she was a reference librarian at the University of Edinburgh and the Heriot-Watt University libraries.

Debra Spidal is our new Catalog Librarian. A graduate of the University of Washington, she comes most recently from Blue Mountain Community College, where she was the Cataloging/Systems Librarian.

We are pleased to announce the arrivals of these varied and talented individuals to the Idaho library community. I invite you to check our website for additional contact information.

-Lynn Baird, Associate Dean

From the Dean
Winter 2005/2006

As you can see from the personnel news in this issue, we've had quite a turnover in the Library Faculty. From 2004-2006, two thirds of our faculty has changed, most because of retirements, with a few moving on to varied career opportunities. We've been extremely fortunate in attracting experienced and talented professionals who have picked up where their predecessors left off. A good example is our Head of Archives and Special Collections, Nathan Bender, who is our new Secretary of the Library Associates.

In September, I'll join the exodus, retiring after twenty-four years at the University, sixteen as Dean. I'll have a closing note in the next Towers.

Dr. Erwin Graue Collection
Winter 2005/2006
By Stacey Karn

A well-respected faculty member of the University of Idaho School of Business for 37 years, Dr. Erwin Graue earned an excellent reputation among both faculty and student populations during his tenure. He wrote numerous articles in scholarly journals in his field of study, Economics, and earned teaching honors. Long a contributor to the University of Idaho community, he left a legacy within the hearts and minds of his classroom students. Now, another legacy begins with the opening of his recently-processed academic records in the University Archives of the UI Library. Donated by James Graue, Dr. Graue’s lectures, scholarly articles, correspondence, and other items form the Erwin Graue Collection (MG 404). Historically interesting items of particular note include “v-mail” correspondence with his former students during World War II and several issues of a newsletter entitled The Outpost, which was published by American soldiers stationed in Britain.

The Graue correspondence files might surprise 21st century students too young to remember World War II. The letters open windows into this time period and show how the war changed the lives of UI students and faculty.

7 Oct, 1944

Dear Dr. Graue-

As you may have surmised from my address I have been hospitalized and am now recuperating to return to action. An enemy sniper finally caught up with me late in July and [illegible] a rifle bullet through my left chest. Having seen plenty of action to last me for a while I’m enjoying my convalescence a great deal.

I’m going to ask you to send me Charles Schumacher’s address if you have it. I had it in France and somehow it was lost after I was “nicked.” Now I find myself unable to remember it completely through.

Hope this finds you and the rest of your family in the best of health and enjoying the pretty Idaho autumn.


Wallace Monnett

October, 1944 issue of The Outpost, a newsletter published by Americans stationed in Britain during World War II. University of Idaho Library, Special Collections, Manuscript Group 404.

2005 Donors
Winter 2005/2006

Terry Abraham & Priscilla Wegars, Moscow, ID

Anita Adams, Moscow, ID

Gerald & Millie Albertson, South Hill, WA

Steven J. Anderson, Kalispell, MT

Virginia E. Anderson, Surprise, AZ

Bert L. & Patricia Armstrong, Boise, ID

Dennis W. & Lynn Baird, Moscow, ID

William & Audrey Barr, Moscow, ID

Elbert & Elna Barton, Moscow, ID

James A. Becque, Ingleside, IL

Katherine Belko, Boise, ID

Gary L. & Cleo S. Bennett, Emmett, ID

James & Judy Bielenberg, Moscow, ID

William & Doris Billingsley, Moscow, ID

Thomas E. & Caroline Bitterwolf, Moscow, ID

Terence M. and Lisa J. N. Bradley, Northbridge, MA

Brian O. Brady, Boise, ID

Rhonda Brammer, New York, NY

William P. & Marian Buckley, Pittsburgh, PA

Samuel & Lois Butterfield, Moscow, ID

Charles O. & Caroline O. Christenson, Moscow, ID

Russell Chrysler, Moscow, ID

Catharine M. Collins, Moscow, ID

Paul C. & Anna L. Conditt, Moscow, ID

John F. Cook, Clarkston, WA

Donald & Melinda Crawford, Moscow, ID

Bert C. Cross, Moscow, ID

Karen & Kevin Davis, Moscow, ID

Jack & Janice DeBaun, Sandpoint, ID

John & Beverly DeMoura, Moscow, ID

Howard B. Demuth, Boulder, CO

John E. & Winifred P. Dixon, Moscow, ID

Robert H. Dunsmore, Osburn, ID

Mary DuPree & Mark Hume, Moscow, ID

Terry & Gail Eckwright, Moscow, ID

Leif & Julie Erickson, Kennewick, WA

Sandra Evenson & David Trayte, Pullman, WA

Dale & Darlene Everson, Moscow, ID

Virginia & Robert Farrell, Boise, ID

James R. & Dawna Fazio, Moscow, ID

Jed Fife, Seattle, WA

Ronald & Jo Ellen Force, Moscow, ID

Michael & June Frome, Port Washington, WI

Daniel D. & Leah L. Frye, Portland, OR

Gerald Funke, Nampa, ID

John G. Galli, Pittsburg, CA

Henry J. Garfield, Pullman, WA

Teresa P. Gordon, Moscow, ID

Philip & Deborah Gray, Moscow, ID

Keith Alan Gunther, Moscow, ID

Miyuki Handa, Santa Clara, CA

Orval & June Hansen, Arlington, VA

Donna M. & Robert O. Hanson, Pullman, WA

Rebecca Hardy, Paris, ME

Robert D. & Ethel Harris, Moscow, ID

Robert & Marilyn Heckendorn, Moscow, ID

Gregory & Karen Hertel, Troy, ID

James P. & Jacqueline G. Hertel, Yakima, WA

Melva Hoffman, Moscow, ID

Robert D. & Carolyn A. Hook, Moscow, ID

Ivan C. & Esther A. Hopkins, Shoshone, ID

Philip Hull & Lois Champion, Mukilteo, WA

John & Kristin Hunt, Troy, ID

Wallace S. & Elaine E. Johnson, Hooksett, NH

Charlotte Johnson, Genesee, ID

Leonard C. Johnson, Moscow, ID

S. Kay Keskinen, Moscow, ID

Ronald Klimko & Kathryn George, McCall, ID

Marc & Anne Klowden, Moscow, ID

George W. LaBar, Moscow, ID

L.L & Linda Langness, Bonners Ferry, ID

Robert E. Launhardt, Pinehurst, ID

Cecil & Ruth Leonard, Tiverton, RI

Duane & Phyllis LeTourneau, Moscow, ID

Bill London, Moscow, ID

Margaret Nell & Iver Longeteig, Lewiston, ID

Corrine M. Lyle, Coeur d'Alene, ID

Maurice B. & Alice J. Lynch, Anchorage, AK

Harry F. & Colleen Magnuson, Wallace, ID

Richard G. & Elsie Magnuson, Wallace, ID

Max & Penny M. Mathews, Twin Falls, ID

Thomas & Patricia Matuszek, Moscow, ID

Thomas & Corinne McKean, Lewiston, ID

David & Lucy Mendenhall, Moscow, ID

Walter C. & Dora H. Mih, Pullman, WA

Peter & Cynthia A. Mika, Moscow, ID

Christine Moffitt & Dr. Theodore Bjornn, Moscow, ID

Myron P. Molnau, Moscow, ID

William Morton, Portland, OR

Jay Moynahan, Spokane, WA

Marian K. Murta-Bell & Timothy Bell, Moscow, ID

Madeline Meltvedt Naser, Easton, CT

Richard J. Naskali, Moscow, ID

James S. Oda, Northridge, CA

Neil & Linda Odenborg, Moscow, ID

Neil & Evelyn Palmer, Moscow, ID

Elizabeth Paulsen, Moscow, ID

James & Patricia Peek, Viola, ID

Julius E. Peterson, Meridian, ID

Brian & Cynthia Pitcher, Spokane, WA

Michael & Christine Pollastro, Pullman, WA

John S. Pool & Barbara C. Greever, Moscow, ID

M. Carol Price, Moscow, ID

Diane Prorak & Alan R. Poplawsky, Moscow, ID

Elmer & Margaret Raunio, Moscow, ID

Louise Regelin & David Sherman, Genesee, ID

Malcolm & Carol Renfrew, Moscow, ID

Stanley H. & Betty Riggers, Craigmont, ID

Herman Ronnenberg, Troy, ID

Richard H. & Dorothy Ross, Moscow, ID

Jean C. Rudolph, Moscow, ID

C. Sharon Runnells-Anderson, Walla Walla, WA

William Saul, Okemos, MI

Clifford & Joan Schoff, Allison Park, PA

Victoria A. Seever, Moscow, ID

Zhengjun Shan, Moscow, ID

Rose Marie Sharp, Moscow, ID

Jean'ne M. Shreeve, Moscow, ID

Peter L. & Willemina Siems, Sandpoint, ID

Daphne Silha, Moscow, ID

Natalie Sliepcevich, Norman, OK

Peter and Elizabeth South, Troy, ID

Francis & Michelle Spain, Moscow, ID

Nancy R. Sprague & William M. Phillips, Moscow, ID

Roderick & Linda Sprague, Moscow, ID

Robert L. & Sylva Staab, Moscow, ID

Cecil G. & Cristeta Stellyes, Kent, WA

Brian R. Stickney, El Paso, TX

Robert C. & Shirley Strom, Craigmont, ID

Gary E. & Carol Strong, Los Angeles, CA

Dave & Beth Suhr, Boise, ID

Jeannette & John Talbott, Moscow, ID

Michael A. Tarabulski, Moscow, ID

Trevor S. & LeeAnn K. Tarter, Twin Falls, ID

Mary L. Taylor, Durham, OR

David & Laura Thiessen, Clarkston, WA

Caroline D. & John C. Thomas, Moscow, ID

June B. Tracy, Spokane, WA

Bess Vance, El Sobrante, CA

Chien & Lily Wai, Seattle, WA

Diane Walker, Moscow, ID

M. Arlene Wallace, Whitefish, MT

Kathleen Warnick, Moscow, ID

Ronald R. Watson, Tuscon, AZ

Richard & Barbara Wells, Moscow, ID

Richard B.Wells, Moscow, ID

Doris K. Williams, Moscow, ID

John Harrison Willson III, Avon, CO

Alice Irene Wilson, Sandpoint, ID

Mary Lee Wood, Parma, ID

Elizabeth Woodcock, Portland, OR

Linda M. & Joseph C. Woodford, Colorado Springs, CO

Mark Yama, Troy, ID

Boyd & Daisy Yee, Emmett, ID

Nancy J. Young, Moscow, ID

Due to the “changing of the guard” within the Library Associates organization this past winter, this issue of Towers is a combined, Fall 2005/Spring 2006, issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. And, as always, thank you for your continuing support of the University of Idaho Library.

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