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King Mining Company

Records, 1908-1961
2.5 cubic feet

The records of the King Mining Company are part of the records of Day Mines, Inc., donated to the University of Idaho by Henry Day in 1984 and 1985. Initial processing of this manuscript group was done by Marilyn Sandmeyer in June 1987. Processing was completed by Michael Tarabulski and Jennifer Jenness in November 1991. Funds for processing were provided by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, the U.S. Department of Education HEA Title II-C "Strengthening Research Library Resources" program, the Library Associates of the University of Idaho and other donors.


On August 24, 1943, the King Mining Company was formed, consolidating fifteen properties north of Mullan and east of Burke, Idaho. These properties included 176 patented claims -- encompassing 3177 acres, three mill sites, thirty-five unpatented claims, and a sixteen acre tract of land. John Wourms chaired of the meeting and Wallace Sanford kept the minutes. Attending were Roy W. Anno, Henry Buhrmester, and H.V. Kiebert. Anno nominated the others to act as the first official members of the board.

Following the incorporation meeting, the first board meeting was held to elect officers. Anno was named president; Kiebert, vice-president; Sanford, secretary-treasurer; Paul Jessup, Comptroller, and Wourms, attorney. The company, according to the minutes (p. 11), "...was organized for the purpose of acquiring a group of mining claims or properties in Lelande and Hunter Mining Districts, owned by various corporations, and that under the plan of reorganization, shares would be issued for the purpose of these concerns in the following amounts:"

Company to whom		No. of Claims		     No. of
King stock issued:	for which issued:	shares issued:
Marsh Group 			 9		266,667
East Hecla			 4		 40,000
Missoula Copper			10		 50,000
Copper King			18		268,000
Homestake			 5		 50,000
Hercules			53		560,000
Liquidator			13		100,000
Imperial			10		142,439
Sonora				11		166,569
National Copper			16		163,193
Gertie				 3		 75,000

At the next meeting, held March 1, 1945, new directors were elected. These included, Henry Day, F.M. Rothrock, and W.N. Sanford. R.W. Anno was elected president and Henry Buhrmester, vice-president. The board meeting followed: Henry Day was elected president and manager, and F.M. Rothrock vice-president. The only other order of business was accepting a $3,000 loan from the Hercules to pay-off the company's liabilities.

At the final meeting of the Directors, on June 18, 1947, the decision was made to consolidate King Mining Company with the Hercules and ten other companies, creating Day Mines Incorporated.


The records of the King Mining Company span the years 1908 to 1961, with the bulk of the material covering the years 1943 to 1947. Included are meeting minutes, correspondence, stock records and financial records

See Henry Day's Personal Papers for more records relating to King Mining Company.


The records of the King Mining Company fall into four series: Records of the Directors, General Correspondence, Capital Stock Records, and Financial Records. The first series reflects activities of the board of directors and the stockholders. The second series contains correspondence, several items of which pre-date this company by many years, and a few which postdate it. The bulk of the third series, capital stock records, are stock transfer sheets, organized alphabetically. The final series contains the scant financial record of this company: a check register and a voucher register. Removal of returned proxy notices, and cancelled and nonissued stock certificates reduced the bulk of this collection by 1.5 cubic feet.


I.	Records of the Board of Directors and the Stockholders, 1943-1947	1
II.	General Correspondence and Related Records, 1908-1961	1-2
III.	Capital Stock Records, 1943-1947	2-3
IV.	Financial Records, 1943-1947	3


Box	Folder	Description                

I. Records of the Board of Directors and the Stockholders, 1943-1947

1	1	Minutes, 1943-1946
	2	By-laws and articles of incorporation, 1943
	3	Records relating to meetings, 1943-1947
	4	Special meeting, Sept. 24, 1947

II. General Correspondence and Related Records, 1908-1961

	5	Misc. records and correspondence, 1918-1947
	6	A-C
	7	Cassiar Crown Mining Co., 1928-1942
	8	Copper King Mining & Smelting Co., mining property and transfer holding in King stock, 1908, 1930-1931, 1942-1947
	9	D-F
	10	Ford, Frank D.: stock transfers, 1945-1947 
	11	G
	12	Gibson, E.J., and Co.: stock transfers, 1945-1947
	13	H
	14	Hacer, L.F., and Co.: stock transfers, 1945-1947
	15	Homestake Mining Co., 1942-1944
	16	I-L
	17	Lavigne, Edwin, and Co.: stock transfers, 1945-1946
	18	Lease: Harry W. Ingalls, Copper King Mine, 1945
	19	M
	20	Marsh Mines Consolidated: partial liquidating dividend, 1944-1947
	21	Marsh Mines Consolidated: stock transfers and various papers, 1913-1944
	22	Merril, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, and Beane, 1946
	23	Mining property, East Hecla Mining Co., 1944
	24	N
	25	National Copper Mining Co., Ltd.: transfer holding into King stock, 1943-1945, 1961
	26	O-P
	27	Pennaluna and Co., 1945-1947
	28	Pohlman, Edw., trustee: certificates for non-payment assessments, 1927
	29	R-S
	30	Standard Securities Corp., 1945-1946
	31	Statements, Financial, 1943-1947
	32	T
	33	Tax, State Income, returns, 1943-1947
	34	Transfer stock: East Hecla Mining Co., Ltd. 1944-1945
	35	Transfer stock: Imperial Mine, 1916, 1943-1944
	36	Transfer stock, Sonora Mining and Milling Co., 1943-1947
	37	U-W
	38	Annual reports and statements, 1944-1947

III. Capital Stock Records, 1943-1947

	39-40	Stock transfer sheets, A-D, 1944-1945
2	41-47	Stock transfer sheets, E-Z, 1944-1945
3	48	Journal, 1943-1947
	49	Ledger, 1943-1947
	50	Transfer ledger, 1943-1947

IV. Financial Records, 1943-1947

	51	Check register, 1944-1947
	52	Voucher register, 1943-1947

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