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Roxbury Placers

Records, 1930-1946
2.5 cubic feet

The records of Roxbury Placers are part of the records of Day Mines, Inc., donated to the University of Idaho by Henry Day in 1984 and 1985. Initial processing of this manuscript group was done by Clay Williams in May 1988, with funds provided by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. Processing was completed by Judith Nielsen in July 1992.


The Roxbury placers were a group of gold claims on the junction of the Klamath and Scott rivers, near Scott Bar, Siskiyou County, California, a site subject to placering as early as 1851. In 1932 Henry Day bought the Roxbury placers, which included the Reserve, Whiting Hill, Security, Daisy, Belmont, Success, Big D, Little D, and Dodge placer claims from the estate of H.P. Nawn of Boston, who had been the owner since 1916. The property also contained a blacksmith shop, a bunkhouse, and a bungalow, which was rented out as a lodge for hunters and fisherman. In 1938 and 1939 Day located the Samms, Excelsior, and the Shasta claims.

Day appraised these properties in two preliminary reports written in September and November 1932. Henry and Harry Day purchased the Roxbury together, but Harry deeded his interest to his son in 1934. Henry spent much of 1933 and 1934 in California working on this project.

In June 1935 Henry stopped work on the Roxbury and during the next ten years many people attempted to purchase parts of the property, primarily because of the bungalow, but Henry felt that it would be more lucrative to sell the property as a whole. Until an opportunity could be found to do so he occasionally leased the claims. In August 1946 he found buyers in Charles H. Brown and James J. Brown.


The records of the Roxbury Placers span the years 1930 to 1946. Included are an alphabetically arranged file of correspondence, reports, insurance records, and tax returns, financial records, and time books. Some early historical records dating as far back as 1895 are also included.

Related records can be found in the records of the Howard Company.


The records of the Roxbury Placers are divided into three series.

The first series, General Correspondence and Related Records is a series of folders arranged alphabetically by correspondent or subject. It includes correspondence between Henry and Harry Day and between Henry and mining engineers, employees, and prospective buyers and lessees, relating to the daily business of the Roxbury group, its leasing and potential sale. Also included are financial statements, reports, pay rolls, inventories of equipment, inventories of the bungalow furnishings, insurance policies and reports, leases, proofs of labor, bills and receipts for routine expenditures, brochures issued by the previous owner in an effort to sell the property and to rent the bungalow, photographs of the property, and other records. One folder contains records of earlier owners dating back to the 1890's.

Financial Records, the second series, contains two voucher registers and schedules of insurance policies and depreciation of equipment.

The final series, Personnel Records, contains three employee time books.


I. General Correspondence and Related Items, 1930-1946	1-2
II. Financial Records, 1932-1946	2 + os
III. Personnel Records, 1932-1945	2


Box	Folder	Description                

I. General Correspondence and Related Records, 1930-1946

1	1	A, 1933-1934
	2	Assessment work, 1932-1940
	3	B, 1932-1936
	4	Bennett, C.E., 1943-1946
	5	Buick; Bureau of Mines, 1933-1939
	6	C; California-Oregon Power Co., 1933-1941
	7	California: Department of Unemployment; Division of Highways, 1938-1939
	8	Carrigan, William; Churchill & McDonald, 1932-1933
	9	D; Daily account, 1933-1943
	10	Day, Henry L., 1932-1935
	11	Doyle, Norman, 1935-1936
	12	E; F; G, 1933-1943
	13	Gold sales, 1933-1940
	14	H, 1932-1942
	15	Hendy Iron Works; Highline; Heitfeld, S.F.; Heitfeld, W.B., 1933-1935
	16	I; Industrial Accident Commission, 1934-1937
	17	Insurance, Accident - Limited Mutual Compensation Insurance Company, 1934-1935
	18	Insurance, Compensation, 1931-1935
	19	Insurance, Fire, 1934-1945
	20	Insurance: State Compensation Insurance Fund - Policies; Accidents, 1933-1935
	21	Inventories, 1930-1935
	22	J, 1934-1944
	23	Jennings, Pat, 1933-1941
	24	K; Kennedy, K.J. and George A. Milne, 1933; 1945-1946
	25	Keys; Keystone drills; Kimball, E.H., 1935-1937
	26	L; Labor, Proof of; Leary, Dan J; Lease: Fry, 1932-1942
	27-28	Lease: DeVaux, 1935-1940
	29	Lease: Garrette, J.E., 1939
	30	Lease: Maxey, T.W., 1939-1940
	31	Lease: Rogers, P.F. & Harold, 1940-1941
	32	M; Maps, 1933-1942
	33	Mathus, Dan, 1936-1942
	34	Milne, George A., 1932-1945
	35	Mining Association of California; Miscellaneous, 1932-1938
	36	N; Nicol, R.A., 1933-1946
2	37	P; Paulsen, Clarence I.; Pamphlets, 1933-1946
	38	Payrolls, 1932-1937
	39	Placer locations; Proof of labor; Property; Q; Quartz Hill; R., 1932-1942
	40	Reports, 1919-1938
	41	Reports: Henry L. Day, 1932-1933
	42	Reports: William D. Mark, 1932
	43	Roxbury Hydraulic Mines, Inc., DeVaux's old papers, 1895-1930
	44	S; Safe combination, Samms, H.E., 1933-1946
	45	Statements, 1933-1935
	46-47	Stevens, Carl, 1936-1944
	48	T; Tax - Gift, 1932-1944
	49	Taxes, 1933-1946
	50	Tebbe, George; Title report, 1912-1938
	51	U; V; W, 1932-1943
	52	Water rights, 1933
	53	Watson, William; Weeks, Elmer T; Wourms, John H., 1932-1941
	54	Y; Yreka Lumber Company, Z, 1933-1934

II. Financial Records, 1932-1946

	55	Voucher register, 1932-1934
os	56	Voucher register, 1935-1946
	57	Insurance and depreciation records, 1935-1938

III. Personnel Records, 1932-1935

	58	Time books, 1932-1935

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