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Wallace Press-Times

Records, 1906-1956
2.0 cubic feet

The records of the Wallace Press-Times are part of the records of Day Mines, Inc., donated to the University of Idaho by Henry Day in 1984 and 1985. Initial processing of this manuscript group was done by Judith Nielsen in January 1988, with funds provided by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. Processing was completed by Judith Nielsen in September 1992.


The Wallace Press-Times came into existence as a daily publication in 1911 following consolidation of two earlier publications, The Wallace Times owned by Harry Day, and The Idaho Press owned by A.J. Dunn, both of which had been published since before the turn of the century. All equipment was purchased from these two companies for $25,000, paid for in shares of the new company. The Day family shares were divided as follows: Eugene, 10,000 shares, Jerome, 1,328 shares, and Harry L. trustee, 5,052 shares.

Present at the first meeting of the incorporators, held June 5, 1912, were John L. Dunn, A.J. Dunn, May C. Kirby, Robert E. Seysler, and Roderick McLeod. The certificate of incorporation for the new company was filed May 27, 1912. At the first meeting of the directors the following officers were elected: Robert E. Seysler, president; Roderick McLeod, vice president; and May C. Kirby, secretary-treasurer. A stock assessment of 100% was also levied. On September 10, 1912, all three officers resigned and were replaced by Eugene Day, Jerome Day, and A.J. Dunn respectively. Harry L. Day also joined the board at this time. In 1917 W.B. Heitfeld replaced Dunn as secretary.

From 1911 until 1928 the Press-Times was a morning daily, then in April 1928 it began publishing both a morning and an evening paper. Financial conditions in 1931 forced the suspension of the morning edition. The paper also published a weekly Mining Review.

By 1926 the Day family was firmly in control of the paper. The Hercules Mining Company was the largest stockholder with 12,849 shares, Harry Day served as president, Henry as vice president, and W.B. Heitfeld as secretary-treasurer. Stock assessments were levied to cover the indebtedness of the paper and money was also borrowed from the Wallace Bank and Trust Company. in 1936 68% of the stock held by each stockholder was returned to the treasury to wipe out the indebtedness of the company and the first dividend of 75 cents per share was declared. in 1937 Henry replaced his father as president and W.B. Heitfeld was elected vice president, a position he held until December when he was replaced by Paul Jessup, and S.F. Heitfeld became secretary-treasurer. Also in December of 1937 John Wourms was elected to the board and became the company attorney.

The early 1940s saw several efforts to buy the Press-Times, but all offers were rejected. In October 1952 the Press-Times was sold to the Coeur d'Alene Press Print Shop, also known as the North Idaho Publishing Company, owned by Burl C. Hagadone, and publisher of the Coeur d'Alene Press, for $65,000. This transaction merged the two largest and oldest daily newspapers in the five northern counties of Idaho, although the Press-Times continued to operate on a politically independent basis. On December 18, 1954, the Board of Directors of the Press-Times passed a motion to declare a liquidating dividend and officially dissolve the company.


The records of the Wallace Press-Times Company span the years 1906 to 1956, with the bulk of the material covering the years 1930 to 1945. Included are a minute book covering the years 1912-1956, several financial journals, and an alphabetical correspondence file.


The records of the Wallace Press-Times are divided into two series. The first contains the minute book for the years 1912 to 1956, and several financial journals from the Press-Times predecessor, Wallace Times. The second series is an alphabetical file which contains correspondence, notices of meetings, and financial statements for the years 1915 to 1974.


I.	Minute Book and Financial Journals, 1906-1956	1
II.	General Correspondence and Related Records, 1915-1956	1-2


Box	Folder	Description 

I. Minute Book and Financial Journals, 1906-1956

1	1	Minute book, 1912-1956
	2	Financial journal, 1906-1907
	3	Trial balance book, 1906-1909
	4	Proprietor's ledger, 1910-1912

II. General Correspondence and Related Records, 1915-1956

	5	A Correspondence, 1932-1945
	6	Accounts charged off, 1935-1940
	7	Accounts receivable, 1936
	8	Advertising: Beer; Patent, 1933-1935
	9	Alburn Bureau; America First, Inc., 1932-1934
	10	Annual meeting of stockholders and directors, notice of, 1935-1936
	11	February 5, 1940
	12	Association of National Advertisers, 1932
	13-14	Associated Press, 1926-1951
	15	Ayer & Son, 1931-1932
	16	B Correspondence, 1928-1952
	17	Bills, Hercules, 1928
	18	C Correspondence, 1933-1955
	19	Chemical Foundation; Circulation, 1931-1934
	20	Clark, Thomas F., Co., Inc.; Code; Coeur d'Alene Mines, 1932-1936
	21	Commission, Securities and Exchange; County printing, 1934-1936
	22	D Correspondence, 1931-1939
	23	Daily Newspaper Publishing Business - Code authority, 1935
	24	Data, 1931-1932
	25	David, George B., Co., 1932
	26	Employing Printers Association of America, Inc.; Erwin Wasey & Co., 1932-1935
	27	F Correspondence, 1933-1936
	28	G Correspondence, 1933-1944
	29	Goss Printing Press Co., 1935-1942
	30	H Correspondence, 1930-1953
	31	Haywood, D.B., Co.; Hercules Mining Co., 1931-1935
	32	I Correspondence, 1934-1952
	33	Idaho, State of, 1931-1942
	34	Idaho State Editorial Association, 1933-1936
	35	Interior, Department of, 1935
	36	J; Joint National Code Authority, 1934-1936
	37	K; Kohler, 1932-1946
	38	L Correspondence, 1935-1949
	39	Legislation; Lewiston Tribune; Liquor Advertising, 1932-1947
2	40	M Correspondence, 1932-1945
	41	McClure Newspaper Syndicate, 1932-1940
	42	Meetings, Stockholders, etc.; Miehle Printing Press & Mfg. Co.; Mining Truth, 1926-1935
	43	N Correspondence, 1933-1956
	44	NEA Service, 1930-1954
	45	Newell-Emmett Company, 1933
	46	O Correspondence, 1935-1939
	47	P Correspondence, 1932-1947
	48	Position seekers, 1933-1940
	49	Post Office Department, 1931-1937
	50	R; Republican State Central Committee, 1932-1937
	51	S Correspondence, 1933-1951
	52	Shoshone County; Social Security; Spokesman Review, 1928-1946
	53	Statements, Comparison by years, 1915-1935
	54-66	Statements, Financial, 1926-1956
	67	State printing; Standard Rate & Data Service, 1932
	68	Stockholders, Press-Times Publishing Co.; Southern Newspaper Publishers' Association, 1931-1936
	69	T; Tax, Income, 1932-1938
	70	U; United Press Associations, 1933-1950
	71	V, W Correspondence, 1933-1938
	72	Wages and salaries, 1934-1952
	73	Wallace Bank and Trust Co.; Washington, State College of; Weekly Pictorial Syndicate; XYZ correspondence, 1932-1939

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