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Manuscript Group 316

Day Family Estates & Trusts

Records, 1935-1974
2.0 cubic feet

The records of the Day Family Estates and Trusts are part of the records of Day Mines, Inc., donated to the University of Idaho by Henry Day in 1984 and 1985. Initial processing of this manuscript group was done by Clay Williams in March 1988, with funds provided by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. Processing was completed by Judith Nielsen in October, 1992.


Trusts were established for the financial benefit of various members of the Day family. The first items in this record group are two ledgers containing accounts for Henry Lawrence Vincent Day; for the children of Robert and Blanche Day Ellis (Henry Day, Robert H., Fred E., and Elizabeth Ellis Jones); and Bernice Day Sharkey, daughter of Jerome Day. Other trusts were established for Barbara Flohr Day Whitesel, daughter of Henry Lawrence Vincent Day; Bernice Eugenia Day, daughter of Jerome and Lucy Mix Day, with Lucy Day, Henry L.V. Day and Stephen F. Heitfeld acting as trustees; and Lucy Mix Day; wife of Jerome, which was established for her benefit under her husband's will.

There are also records relating to the estates of several members of the Day family, including Eleanor Day Boyce, Helen Dwyer Day, and Lucy Mix Day. Several folders concern the probating of Jerome Day's estate.


I. Estates, 1935-1973
II. Trusts, 1942-1974


I. Estates, 1935-1973

os	1	Boyce, Eleanor Day.  Voucher register, 1951-1955
	2	Day, Helen Dwyer.  Voucher register, 1935-1937
1	3	Ledger, 1935-1936
	4	Day, Jerome J. Will and other probate records, 1941
	5	Ledger, 1941-1942
	6	Day, Lucy Mix. Ledger, 1969-1973

II. Trusts, 1942-1974

	7-8	General ledgers for Henry L. Day, Ellis children, and Bernice Day Sharkey, 1954-1968
	9	Day, Bernice Eugenia.  Ledger, 1942-1957
	10	Bank passbook, 1953-1958
os	11	Voucher register, 1942-1957
1	12	Day, Lucy Mix. Miscellaneous, 1942
	13-19	Statements, 1945-1969
os	20	Voucher register, 1942-1970
1	21	Whitesel, Barbara. Ledger, 1959-1974
os	22	Cash and voucher register, 1957-1974

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