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Manuscript Group 12

Craig Mountain Lumber Company

Records, 1909-1956
73 c.f.

A Descriptive Inventory of the Papers of Craig Mountain Lumber Company in the University of Idaho Library prepared by Judith Nielsen, September 1980.


The material in this group was sorted according to type of material rather than by the individual company concerned. Where is was deemed practical or useful the material within an individual series was separated by company.


The papers of the Craig Mountain Lumber Company are contained in twenty-eight large file boxes; in addition there are twelve shelves of journals and ledgers. Material relating to subsidiary companies, the Craig Mountain Railway, Winchester Townsite Company and Oxbow Ranch Company, are also found in this group.

Among the items included in this collection are blueprints of buildings and machinery, insurance claims for injured personnel, monthly and yearly financial statements, contracts, notices of stockholders' meetings, articles of incorporation, and railway rules and regulations. There are also two files detailing Craig Mountain Lumber Company's application for a $250,000 loan from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation in 1934. Another interesting portion of this group is the ten years of correspondence between Northwestern Lumber Company and Craig Mountain Lumber Company, the former trying to sell its Nez Perce and Lewis County timber holdings to the latter.

The contents of each series in this collection are described in the following Description of Series.


In 1909 a group of Wisconsin pioneers began construction of the Craig Mountain Lumber Company and sawmill in Lewis County, Idaho. Locating its head office in Spokane, the company was organized under the laws of the state of Washington and on March 17, 1909 the Articles of Incorporation were filed in Olympia. On July 4, 1910 the first log was sawed, and, as the trees were cut, a new town was built. Alex Kaline, a prominent citizen of the nearby community of Winchester, and later a state senator, moved his post office and store to the new site; the two towns consolidated and established themselves on the present site of Winchester, about 40 miles southeast of Lewiston.

The mill was not only the largest in northern Idaho, but since expensive and up to date machinery was installed, it was also the finest of its class. It had one of the largest stocks of shop and factory plank in the Inland Empire and the Craig Mountain Cork Pine it produced was much in demand in the lumber markets of the East. The mill was equipped with two single cutting band saws and had a capacity of 120,000 board feet every ten hours (the normal working day). From the mill the lumber was taken to the drykilns, then to the planers, after which it was graded and shipped. In 1910 the mill employed 270 men who worked a ten hour day for between 25 and 75 cents an hour.

For many years the town's only source of water and electric light was furnished by the lumber company. Service was provided through the company's subsidiary the Winchester Townsite Company which also provided houses for lumber company employees.

In September 1909 the Craig Mountain Lumber Company began construction of a six mile railroad to transport its lumber to Craig Junction where it could be transferred to the Camas Prairie Line. Service on the new railway began in January 1911; the passenger and freight train ran twice daily. In 1921 Craig Mountain Lumber Company Railway was incorporated under the laws of the state of Idaho and became Craig Mountain Railway.

During World War I the I.W.W. attempt to unionize the mill workers failed. In 1919, with 30 million board feet of lumber in the yard and another million feet in the pond, and no market for their product, the mill shut down. It reopened in 1922, but the depression of the 30's hit Winchester hard and in December 1930 the mill was again forced to shut down; it did not reopen until January 31, 1935. In 1950 the Craig Mountain Lumber Company, under the management of W.C. Geddes, sold out to the Hallack and Howard Lumber Company of Denver, who, in turn, sold out to Boise-Cascade in 1960. In March 1965 Boise-Cascade announced that its timber was now located too far from the mill to be economically transported and the mill was shut down for good.

Sketch drawn from The Highlands of Craig Mountain 1963, 1970.

Description of Series

I. Blueprints Boxes 1-2
II. Insurance Box 3
III. Financial Papers Boxes 4-24
IV. Legal Papers Boxes 25-26
V. Correspondence Box 27
VI. Miscellaneous Box 28
VII. Journals

Descriptive Inventory

Craig Mountain Lumber Company

I. Blueprints Boxes 1-2

Although the blueprints are numbered consecutively, they are organized by subject. There is also some correspondence concerning the prints in the folders.


1. Side elevation of power plant

2. Double diamond edger

3. Front elevation of sawmill

4. Log slip

5. Rear elevation of sawmill

6. Hot water heater

7. Shaving vault

8. Grate bar

9. Sawing floor plan

10. First floor

11. Resaw elevations

12. Fire brick

13. Stirling boilers & furnace

14. Power house

15. Hammer dogs

16. Burner conveyer

17. Prescott bank mill

18. Sawmill

a) Machinery floor plan

b) Side elevation

19. Sorter

20. Colby air cooled burner

21. Valve operation 14" steam feed

22. Geary water tube boiler - vertical baffling

a) Foundation plan

b) Front & sectional view

c) Side elevation

23. Machinery for resaw installation

24. New boiler

a) Machinery elevations

b) Trimmer feed & lumber return

c) Extension furnace - front view

d) Wood furnace - front view

e) New starter sheds at sorter

24a. Bolt cutting machinery

J. Neils Lumber Company drawing of fuel supply system; letter from Gerhard F. Neils to W.C. Geddes, July 22, 1930.

24b. Charles C. Moore & Co. blueprints

a) Stack breaching & stack screen

b) Piping for new boiler (2)

c) Correspondence: March 19 - June 30, 1923

Planing Mill

25. Planing mill construction

26. Planing mill floor

27. Sheds

a) Nine foot band mill table

b) Dry lumber shed

28. Blower system

29. Planing Mill

30. Engine room (3)

31. Mill Pond

a) Drainage area of Lake Lapwai showing watershed above reservoir

b) Transverse of Lake Lapwai

c) Proposed mill pond. 1909

d) Land required for mill pond right of way and depot. April 1909

Dry Kiln

32. Dry kiln

a) Loading shed

b) Longitudinal section

c) Crank shaft & discs for 7 X 10 engine

33. Hussey dry kiln doors

34. Hydraulic lift

a) Cross section of kiln #7

b) Equalizer for hydraulic lift

c) Internal fam

35. Missing

Winchester Townsite

36. Profile of Algoma Street

37. Missing

38. Map of Winchester, 1909

39. Cottages

a) For Bank of Spirit Lake #1

b) For Bank of Spirit Lake #2

c) For Bank of Spirit Lake #3

d) Six room house

40. Missing

41. Plat of acre tracts, 1911


42. Heisler Axles

43. Location logging shute

44. Missing

45. Missing

46 Logging railroad Lapwai Lake to station

47. Logging railroad surveys


48. Portable grain bin

49. Y.M.C.A. Building (7)

50. Holdings of Craig Mountain Lumber Company

a) Timberlands in Nez Perce County - 1912

b) Grid map of the area

51. Location of Craig Mountain Lumber Company Buildings. 1910

a) Plan of water system

b) Survey

c) Soil map. 1917

52. Western Pine Manufacture's Association standard patterns

53. Plant water system

54. Craig Mountain Railway Company

a) Map showing located line from Northern Pacific Junction (Station 0+00 to Station 290+00) May 1909

b) Map showing right of way required for terminal purposes. June 1909

c) 3 maps showing rights of way across private property

d) Railroad track scale (cl900)

e) Summary of costs

f) Track statement

g) Standard plan of pile bridge

h) Map showing located line in Section 6-T.33 N.-R.2.,W.B.M. February 1913

i) Map showing additional land for railway crossing. December 1911

j) Main line: Station 0+00 to Station 149+00. June 1917

k) Craig Junction. June 1917

l) Catholic spur. June 1917

m) Main line: Station 149+00 to Station 295+9.03. January 1917

n) Main line and Lapwai Branch. June 1917

o) Main line and Lapwai Branch. West leg of wye. October 1921

p) Round house at Winchester

q) Logging railroad survey (1912)

r) Map showing located line from Northern Pacific Junction to N.W. Corner (1909)

s) Map of right of way (n.d.)

t) Map showing line from Northern Pacific Junction (1909)

u) Right of way and proposed connections (1909)

v) Map of Lapwai Lake to station (1922)

w) Logging railroad survey (1912)x) Proposed mill pond (1909)

55. Maps

a) Nez Perce County Map

b) Lewis County Map

c) Lewis County map, 1936

d) Northern Alberta Land Districts, 1919

56. Missing

57. Highways

a) Proposed county road

b) Map of proposed county road, 1911

c) Proposed change of W.A. Williamson Road, 1909

d) Proposed Lewis & Clark Highway, 1922

58. Martin General Agency Map of Craig Mountain Lumber Company. November 1920

59. Township maps (7)

60. Topographical maps (3)

61. Map showing Craig Mountain reservoirs in Indian Forest Reserve. August 1912

62. Box factory

63. Rattlesnake mill

64. Planer bunk conveyor

65. Standard pattern blueprints

a) M. Blumberg (8)

b) North Side Lumber (3)

c) Tisdale Lumber Company (2)

d) Parshelsky Brothers (5)

e) Harlem Lumber Company

f) J.A. Melnick Company (2')

g) Glenwood Standard Moundings

h) Hussey-Williams Company

66. F.W. Horstkotte, Engineer

Blueprints and specifications for work at Craig Mountain Lumber Company between May 1919 and August 1948

II. Insurance Box 3

The material in this series includes accident reports, inspection reports, insurance schedules, and fire losses. Listed below are the folder headings and their contents.

Accident Reports (complete list in box)

There are approximately 350 reports of injuries sustained by employees of the Craig Mountain Lumber Company between 1926 and 1949. The reports, which were filed with the Aetna Casualty and Surety Company, contain the initial report of the injury, the employer's supplemental report, and correspondence relating to the employee's claim for compensation.

Medical Service Bureau

Contracts 1949-1953

Inspection Reports (complete list in box)

Manufacturing Lumbermen's Underwriters

11 reports December 1910 - December 1913

Lumbermen's Underwriting Alliance

14 reports March 1912 - July 1920

Manufacturing Wood Workers Underwriters

6 reports February 1914 - June 1920

Lumber Manufacturers Inter-Insurance Association

3 reports July 1914 - April 1915

National Lumber Manufacturers Inter-Insurance Exchange

2 reports November 1919 - June 1920

Rankin-Benedict Underwriting Company

2 reports May 1920 - July 1920

Insurance Schedules

Charles W. Sexton Company. 1929

Martin General Agency. 1920 - 1923

Frank C. Wynne Agency. 1924 - 1925

Boiler & Fly Wheel

Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company. 1919, 1922 Hartford Fly Wheel Policy. 1919

Farm Buildings

Fireman's Fund Insurance. 1932 - 1934

Nez Perce Farmers County Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 1930 - 1934

Fire Loss Claims

Loss of Roundhouse. July 23, 1922

Loss of Roundhouse. September 25, 1923

Fires in camp buildings and blacksmith shop. 1921

Winchester Townsite Co. Ltd. Fire July 15, 1929

Winchester Townsite Co. Ltd. Fire March 23, 1930

Proposal to repair fire damage. 1932

Workmen's Compensation

Policies for 1949, 1954, 1956.

III. Financial Papers Boxes 4-24

Included in this series are tax receipts, monthly and yearly balance sheets, checks and bank statements for the Craig Mountain Lumber Company, the Craig Mountain Railway and the Winchester Townsite Company, the latter two being wholly owned subsidiaries of the lumber company. Some financial material regarding the Oxbow Ranch Company is also included.

A description of the contents of each box in this series follows.

Box 4

Winchester Townsite Company. Notice of taxes due. 1927

Craig Mountain Lumber Company. Notice of taxes due, Lewis County. 1927 1928, 1929, 1935-1939, 1940-1948

Craig Mountain Lumber Company. Notice of taxes due, Idaho County. 1927

Craig Mountain Lumber Company. Notice of taxes due, Nez Perce County. 1927

Craig Mountain Lumber Company. Personal Property tax notices.

Box 5

Tax receipts. 1917, 1919, 1930, 1934-1937, 1939-1941, 1943-1948, 1954-1957

Canceled notes (unnumbered) June 1930 - June 1933

Box 6

Monthly balance sheets and yearly audit reports. (Often the reports of the subsidiary companies are appended to those of the parent company.)

1910 - yearly

1911 - yearly

1913 - yearly

1914 - yearly

1915 - yearly

1916 - January - November; yearly

1917 - January - November; yearly

1918 - January - November; yearly

1919 - January - November

1920 - January - November; yearly

1922 - April; yearly

Logging Expenses: January - December

1923 - January - December; yearly

Logging Expenses: January - December

1924 - January - December; yearly

Logging Expenses: January - December

1925 - December; yearly

1926 - January - December; yearly

Logging Expenses: November December

1927 - January - December; yearly

1928 - January - December

Logging Expenses: July

1929 - January - December; yearly

Logging Expenses: January - December

1930 -January July; September - December; yearly

Box 7

1931 - February - December; yearly

1932 - January, March, April, September - December

1933 - January, April - November; yearly

1934 - June; yearly

1935 - January - December; yearly

1936 - January - December; yearly

1937 - January - December; yearly

1938 - January - December; yearly

1939 - January - December; yearly

1940 - January - December; yearly

1941 - January - December; yearly

1942 - January - December; yearly

1943 - January - December; yearly

1944 - January - December; yearly

1945 - January - December; yearly

1946 - January - December; yearly

1947 - January - December; yearly

Box 8

Miscellaneous financial material.

1929 - Appraisement of loans

1929 - Reorganization plans

1929 - Report of operations; 5 page carbon typescript

1934 - Oxbow Ranch financial material

1934 - Madden account

1932 - Capital stock value

1935 - Correspondence with Reconstruction Finance Corporation

1935 - Miscellaneous ledger sheets

1941 - Eastern Oregon Lumber Survey; financial condition and cost analysis. December 1941

1942 - Eastern Oregon Lumber Survey; composite balance sheet and operating statement. March 31, 1942

Timber holdings

Appraisal, by General Appraisal Company, January 1935. 55 pages

Interstate Commerce Commission Orders and Publications.

Classification of income, profit and loss and general balance sheet accounts for steam roads. 1914. 60 p.

Classification of train-miles, locomotive-miles and car-miles for steam roads. 1914. 16 p.

Condensed classification of operating expenses of steam roads. 1914. 18 p,

Index to the classification of operating expenses of steam roads. 1920. 297 p.

List of corporate names of common carriers. 1926. 52 p.

Rules governing monthly reports of railway accidents. 1922. 62 p.

Various I.C.C. mimeographed "Orders" changing or adding to previous regulations. 1935 -

Report 13425 In re trans-continental freight bureau. February 3, 1923. pp. 252-299.

Box 9

Canceled checks and bank statements. 1909 - 1926

Box 10

Canceled checks and bank statements. 1911 - 1937

Box 11

Craig Mountain Railway. Canceled checks and bank statements. 1938 - 1949

Winchester Townsite Company. Bank books. 1909-1915

Craig Mountain Lumber Company. Bank books. 1911, 1915-1918

Craig Mountain Railway. Vouchers. 1911-1914

Box 12

Craig Mountain Railway Company. Vouchers. 1915-1924

Box 13

Craig Mountain Railway Company. Vouchers. 1925-1930

Box 14

Craig Mountain Railway Company. Vouchers. 1931-1937

Box 15

Craig Mountain Railway Company. Vouchers. 1938-1945

Box 16

Craig Mountain Railway Company. Vouchers. 1946-1949

Craig Mountain Railway Company. Report of settlement of charges on freight interchanged. 1922-1926

Box 17

Craig Mountain Railway. Settlement sheets. 1927-1947

Box 18

Craig Mountain Railway Company. Shipping Orders, 1941-1947

Box 19

Craig Mountain Railway Company. Shipping Orders. 1948-1949

Craig Mountain Railway Company. Freight Bills. 1933-1949

Northern Express Company. Freight Bills. n.d.

Prairie Lumber Company. Sales slips. 1925-1929

Box 20

Winchester Townsite Company Financial Papers

1924. Accountants report for fiscal year ended June 30, 1924

1925. Accountants report for fiscal year ended June 30, 1925

1929. Balance sheets: March, May - December

1930. Balance sheets: December; yearly

1931. Balance sheets: May, December; yearly

1932. Balance sheets: August November

1933. Balance sheets: April December

Capital Stock Value

Bank of Winchester

1929. Report of examination. March 27, 1929

Oxbow Ranch. Financial Papers

1930. Farm lease. April 20, 1930

Articles of Incorporation: Oxbow Ranch Company. December 1930

1931. Balance sheets: April, June December

1932. Financial reports: January December

Record of marks & brands. February 9, 1932

1933. Financial reports: January - December

1934. Financial reports: January - September, November, December

1935. Financial reports: January - March, May, December

Audit by LeMaster, Cannon & Daniels. April 1, 1931 - May 31, 1935

Correspondence between representatives of Oxbow Ranch Co. and Rosebush Ranch Co. January
1934; January - April 1935

Winchester Box Company (formerly Winchester Townsite Company)

Tax notices: 1946, 1947, 1948

Craig Mountain Lumber Company

Monthly inventories for 1927; January 1928

Box 21

Craig Mountain Railway Company

Accident Reports

Carbon copies of No Excess Service Reports (Interstate Commerce Commission form 8) 1935-1949

Rules governing monthly reports of railway accidents. 1922. 62 p.

Interstate Commerce Commission. Accident Interpretation Bulletin.

no. 1, March 1930. 7 p. Cases 1-21

no. 2. June 1930. 11 p. Cases 22-62

no. 3, July 1931. 8 p. Cases 63-90

Interpretation of Rules governing monthly reports of railway accidents. March 1934. 16 p.

Interstate Commerce Commission mimeographed "Orders" regarding the reporting of railway accidents. 1932-1949.

Accident reports. July 1927, May 1930, January-December 1937

Transportation of Mails

Instructions and rulings with reference to transportation of mails by railroads. Issued by the second assistant postmaster general. 1929. 44 p.

Interstate Commerce Commission Reports. no. 9200- Railway-mail pay. December 1919-120 p.

Interstate Commerce Commission Reports. no. 9200. Railway-mail pay. 1928. pp. 675-727

Report of railroad mail service performed. 1920-1932

Report to the Public Utilities Commission, State of Idaho. 1917, 1929, 1930, 19319 1932, 1946

Report to the State Board of Equalization. 1914 1918-1921, 1923-1933, 1943, 1944, 1945

Daily Balance sheets. 1922-1924

Railway Express Reports. 1939-1942

Agents Daily Ticket Report. July 1923-June 1924

Notebook: Cross section notes of railroad as built, checked and approved by Jas. E. Fleming. (Book 17)

Report to State Board of Equalization. 1913

Box 22

Time Return and Delay Report of Engine and Train Employees. April 6, 1928-September 30, 1931; April 10-26, 1941; May 1, 1946-December 28, 1948

Box 23

Time Roll and Distribution of Labor reports. November 1913; January 1915-January 1916; May 1917-December 1918; January 1931-December 1948

Record of earnings for twenty-one individual employees

Box 24

Balance sheets and Abstracts of Local Freight Forwarded. 1924-1928

Train Car Reports. 1946-1949

Per Diem Reports of cars received from Camas Prairie Railroad. December 1941-May 1949

Craig Mountain Lumber Company

Daily Reports. 1949. These reports include weather, hours of operation, time lost for machinery repairs, logs in pond, lumber production and shipments loaded.

IV. Legal Papers Boxes 25-26

Box 25

Craig Mountain Lumber Company

Agreement of trustees to purchase land from sinking fund account. 1916, 1918

Camas Prairie Railroad contract and related correspondence. 1913, 1914, 1916, 1917, 1923, 1929, 1935, 1946

Deed of Trust releases. 1917-1936

Designation of M.D. Smiley as trustee under deed of trust. December 8, 1939.

Government priorities on power falling equipment. 1942

Mortgage bond release deed from First Trust and Savings Bank, Chicago Notice of appointment of successor trustee

Notices of annual stockholders meetings, 1924-1929

Personal bond insurance policies: Maryland Casualty Co., Continental Casualty Co. , American Surety Company of New York, Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland

Stockholders proxies, 1909-1924

Dahlin, Emil

Two letters from Emil Dahlin to Olaf Gardner (i.e. Garten), June 15 and July 27, 1936

Letter from Carl Dahlin to Olaf Garten, June 14, 1936

Letter from Hartvig Dahlin to Olaf Garten, June 29, 1936

Letters of Guardianship (Emil Dahlin was declared an incompetent)

McCann, Joseph P.

Correspondence with Craig Mountain Lumber Company regarding the payment of taxes on his timber land. 1916-1919

Northwestern Lumber Company

Abstracts of title

1) Conveyances to Craig Mountain Lumber Company

2) Conveyances to Northwestern Lumber Company

Contract between Northwestern Lumber Company and Union Trust & Savings Bank, Spokane. July 3, 1911

Minutes of Meeting of Board of Directors (form)

Minutes of Meeting of Stockholders (form)

Warranty deed, Northwestern Lumber Company to Union Trust & Savings Bank, Spokane. 1911.

Oxbow Ranch Company

Correspondence with Herman Siemsen, tenant, 1931-1933

Lease agreement with Herman Siemsen. April 30, 1934

Wheat allotment contracts, 1933, 1936

Rosebush, Judson G.

Power of attorney granted him by Barbara J. McNaughton Rosebush

Power of attorney granted him by Eleanor T. McNaughton

Letter of Guardianship granted him for Virginia G. McNaughton, a minor. 1911

State Forester - Franklin Girard

Letter to W.C. Geddes concerning disposal of slash. January 14, 1941

Letter from W.C. Geddes in reply. January 17, 1941

Viking Automatic Sprinkling Company, Seattle

Correspondence between Viking and Hallack & Howard Lumber Company (successors to Craig Mountain Lumber Company) regarding the installation of a sprinkler system in the electric shop. 1955

Blueprint showing the location of sprinklers

Invoice for installation of the sprinklers. January 31, 1956

Winchester Townsite Company, ltd.

Notices of stockholders meetings. 1915, 1917-1924

Box 26

Abstract sheets. Nez Perce County. August 12, 1942-December 14, 1944

Abstract sheets. Lewis County. October 15, 1942

Craig Mountain Lumber Company

Articles of Incorporation. March 17, 1909

Amended Articles of Incorporation. April 28, 1931


Certificate of increase of capital stock. April 4, 1910

Craig Mountain Railway Company

Articles of Incorporation. September 21, 1921

Protest to Interstate Commerce Commission of the tentative valuation. July 25, 1922

Inventory of property to be transferred from the Craig Mountain Lumber Co. to the Craig Mountain Railway Co.

Description of Craig Mountain Ry. Co. Main line rights of way through sections 4 & 5. T 33 N.R. 2 W. Boise Meridian and section 32, T.34 W.R. 2.W Boise Meridian.

Description of Right of Way of Craig Mountain Ry. Co.'s Lapwai Branch in Section 5 T.33 N.R. 2.W. Boise Meridian

Description of Craig Mountain Ry. Co.'s Terminal grounds at Winchester, Idaho Section 5, T.33 N.R. 2.W and Section 32, T. 34 N.R. 2W Boise Meridian

Before the Secretary of the Interior. Two items dealing with Craig Mountain Railway Co.'s application for permission to extend the railway through Indian Lands in Nez Perce County. 1909.

Deeds of Trust

Craig Mountain Lumber Company to First Trust Savings Bank and Augustus S. Peabody, trustees. August 2, 1909

Craig Mountain Lumber Company to Judson G. Rosebush and C.S. Dickinson, trustees. May 1. 1911

Craig Mountain Lumber Company to First Trust Company of Appleton (Wisconsin) and C.S. Dickinson, trustees. May 1, 1923

Craig Mountain Lumber Company to First Trust Company of Appleton and R.S. Powell, trustees. May 1, 1932

McCann Land Company

Hallack & Howard Lumber Company vs. McCann Land Company. Brief on legal questions involved, and related correspondence between Hallack & Howard Company and the attorney firm of Worthwine & Dworshak. 1954

McNaughton, Eleanor T.

Legal document consisting of her will, a codicil to the will, and the decree settling the final account of her estate. January 29, 1943.

Northwestern Lumber Company

Contract with Craig Mountain Lumber Co. re: lands belonging to Thomas and Florence Patton and A. Wiese and Helen Hammer. 1926

Amended complaint in the case Northwestern Lumber Co. vs. Ignace Eneas et al. re: condemnation of land to construct a dam and reservoir for storing logs. July 1, 1909

Reconstruction Finance Corporation. (see also miscellaneous financial material in box 8; correspondence in box 27)

Loan Application. Drafts dated July 23, August 6, and September 28, 1934

Pledge agreement - bonds. December 24, 1934

Pledge agreement - stocks.

Craig Mountain Railway Co. Jan. 10, 1935

Craig Mountain Lumber Co. Jan. 10, 1935

Winchester Townsite Co. Jan. 10, 1935

List of creditors and amounts due

Letters to creditors and agreements signed by creditors. 1934

United States Department of Agriculture. Forest Service

Timber Sale Contract Form. December 15, 1953. 25 p.

Proposed additions to Title 7. Forest Service Manual. December 15, 1953. 37 p.

United States Department of Labor (L. Metcalf Walling, Wage & Hour Div.)

Judgment against Craig Mountain Lumber Company in regard to a 40 hour work week with overtime pay

United States Department of the Interior. Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Timber sale stipulations. 1954. 11 p.

Winchester Townsite Company

Articles of Incorporation. September 30, 1909

Amendment of Articles of Incorporation. March 21, 1945

Certificate of Amendment of Articles of Incorporation

Certificate of Incorporation, Domestic. October 20, 1909



Agreement: Sale of Boyd House. July 29, 1929

Agreement: Vollmer Security Co. & Craig Mountain Lumber Co. Sale of timber. June 28, 1940

Bank of Winchester. Legal agreement to protect stockholders. August 5, 1929

Lumber and Sawmill Worker's Union. Supplemental agreement on paid vacations. October 4, 1941

Model timber contract

North Coast Dry Kiln proposal for remodeling of kilns. September 12, 1927

Railway Rules and Regulations

American Short Line Railroad Association. Annotation Supplement no. 1 to Synopses of Railroad Retirement Act of 1937. August 24, 1937. 27 p.

American Short Line Railroad Association. Federal Legislative Program. 1950. 26 p.

American Shortline Railroad Association. Proceedings of the thirty-sixth Annual Meeting. September 27-28, 1949. 226 p.

American Short Line Railroad Association. Rights and Duties of Carriers and Employees Under Railway Labor Act. Prepared by C.A. Miller. March 7. 1936. 11 p.

American Short Line Railroad Association. Synopses of Railroad Retirement Act of 1937; Carriers Taxing Act of 1937; Title IX (Unemployment Compensation) of Social Security Act. Prepared by C.A. Miller. July 3, 1937. 30 p.

Classification of Train-miles, locomotive-miles and car-miles for steam roads prescribed by the Interstate Commerce Commission. Issue of 1914. Washington, GPO, 1918. 16 p.

Federal Register. v.2, no. 122. Thursday, June 23, 1938.

Idaho. Legislature. House. House bill 21. An Act to provide for the organization of the Public Utilities Commission. March 13, 1913. 49 p.

Idaho. Public Utilities Commission. Rules governing accounting and apportionment of operating revenues and operating expenses and accounts of movement of traffic within the state of Idaho. February 1, 1915. 54 p.

Idaho. Public Utilities Commission. General Order No. 4. Regulations governing reports of accidents of railroads and street railroads. July 3, 1913. 7 p.

Idaho. Public Utilities Commission. General Order no. 6. In the matter of prescribing a form of certificate of concurrence in joint tariffs, etc., to be filed by the Public Utilities of the State of Idaho. July 15, 1913. 2 p.

Instructions to govern the preparation and filing of B.V. Form no. 588 as prescribed by the Interstate Commerce Commission. Washington, GPO, 1932. 19 p.

Interstate Commerce Commission. Instructions to carriers in relation to the issuance of securities, etc. July 22, 1924. 20 p.

Interstate Commerce Commission. Instructions to carriers in relation to the issuance of securities, etc. February 19, 1927. 17 p.

Interstate Commerce Commission. Order in the matter of method and form of records to be kept by carriers relating to the time on duty of employees and the movement of trains. May 2, 1921. 5 p.

Interstate Commerce Commission Order in the matter of rules, standards and instructions for the installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair of systems, devices and appliances intended to promote the safety of railroad operation... Washington, GPO, 1939. 33 p.

Interstate Commerce Commission Order in the matter of the recovery and payment of excess net railway operating income ... for the year ended December 31, 1924. 10 p.

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Lists of units for use of carriers in the preparation of completion reports and the record of property changes as prescribed by the Interstate Commerce Commission. Washington, GPO, 1932. 17 p.

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Order to govern the preparation and filing of B.V. Forms no. 586, 587, and 589 ... as prescribed by the Interstate Commerce Commission. Washington, GPO, 1932. 5 p.

Regulations and instructions to govern the recording and reporting of all extensions and improvements or other changes in physical property of every common carrier as prescribed by the Interstate Commerce Commission. 2d rev. issue. Washington, GPO, 1919. 31 p.

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U.S. Treasury Dept. Bureau of Internal Revenue. Regulation 100 relating to the Employers' Tax, Employees' Tax, and Employee Representatives' Tax under the Carriers Taxing Act of 1937 (Public Law 174) Washington, GPO, 1937. 48 p.

Unemployment Compensation Division

Unemployment Compensation Law. August 6, 1936

Interpretations relating to Idaho unemployment compensation law Idaho

Unemployment Compensation Law as amended by the 24th session of the state legislature. 1937.

General rules relating to the Idaho Unemployment Compensation Law promulgated by the Industrial Accident Board.

Regulations relating to contributions by employers to the Idaho Unemployment Fund. August 18, 1937

Amendments to the Regulations. December 15, 1937

Various circular letters and forms

V. Correspondence Box 27

The correspondence in this series spans the years 1908 to 1956. The Craig Mountain Lumber Company correspondence, 1908-1950, was easily separated by subject; that of the Hallack & Howard Lumber Company, 1950-1956, consists mainly of invoices and related letters and was arranged alphabetically. A brief description of the contents of each group follows. More complete information may be found on the file cards in the archives department.

Craig Mountain Lumber Company Correspondence

A.A. Hunter

The correspondence in this folder includes the year 1909 to 1932 and contains such items as a letter from Cascade Lumber Company accepting Hunter's resignation from the firm, a letter from Farm and Fireside describing how to clean a straw hat, names of lumber companies in the Peace River District, Alberta, and brochures from several insurance companies. There is a handwritten letter from Art Williams to Mrs. Hunter (January 5, 1932) and another, possibly to A.A. Hunter, with the salutation "Dear Brother" and signed "Olive" (November 10, 1931).

Craig Mountain Railway

Among the items in these two folders are circular letters and orders from the Interstate Commerce Commission. In July and August of 1927 there is an exchange of letters with McClarin & Hart Warehouse Co. and the Camas Prairie Railroad dealing with a run away car. From 1931 to 1936 most of the correspondence deals with disputes over per diem rules, demurrage, and car hire charges; the American Short Line Railroad Association figures prominently in this exchange. The legislative program of the American Short Line Railroad Association for the years 1944 and 1945 is also included.

Employee Related Material

The items in this folder include time sheets for December 1949 and January 1950 for T. Censky, Walter Dugger, H. Geddes, M.E. McCall, and John Mardahl; the April 12, 1944 letter of resignation of A.W. Bailey; a letter of complaint stating that one or two employees who worked on Memorial Day were not paid time and a half; several publications on the 1943 income tax; Public Law 68 (78th Congress, 1st Session) "An Act to Provide for the Current Payment of the Individual Income Tax," June 9, 1943; and a pamphlet entitled "Disputes Before the War Labor Board," April 1944.

Northwestern Lumber Company

This very interesting series of letters spans the years 1916 to 1926. Shortly after its incorporation in 1907 the Northwestern Lumber Company purchased over 13,000 acres of timber land in Nez Perce and Lewis Counties, Idaho. On February 26, 1916, W.C. Hammer, Secretary of the Bondholders' Protective Committee of the Northwestern Lumber Company wrote a letter to C.P. Lindsley of Craig Mountain Lumber Company offering this land for sale. Correspondence between Hammer and E.H. Van Ostrand, president of Craig Mountain, and occasionally a third party, continued until a mutually agreeable price was reached in 1925. In 1926 there is some correspondence relative to clearing the Northwestern title to the land before finalization of the sale.

Osburn and Oxbow Ranches

The only material in this folder consists of a few invoices, deposit slips and notices of insurance premiums due, all dated 1930, 1931.

Reconstruction Finance Corporation.

This folder contains the correspondence relating to the application for a $250,000 loan from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation dated July 29 to December 31, 1934. A copy of the application is found with the legal papers in box 26; other material is contained in box 8. Papers in the War Department Folder (box 28) indicate this loan was repaid in 1942.


Hallack and Howard Lumber Company Correspondence

VI. Miscellaneous Box 28

The final box of Craig Mountain Lumber Company papers contains miscellaneous material. This material has been arranged under either the person concerned or the company involved, i.e., the lumber company or the railway.

Described below are the contents of each folder.

A.A. Hunter

The items contained in this folder are invoices for materials Hunter used in building his own house. Also included is a sheet of instructions for making blueprints.

Craig Mountain Lumber Company

Land Holdings #1. There are seven books, approximately 5" x 8" and two books, each 91/2" x 12" which show the amount of each type of wood and the logging conditions of each section of land owned by the company.

Land Holdings #2. This folder contains typed sheets giving estimates of timber on various tracts of land and plat maps showing the types of timber and describing logging conditions. There is also an envelope containing thirteen official plat maps, each approximately 191/2" x 161/2".

Minutes of Meetings (includes Railway (Rwy.) and Box Company (B.C.))

Stockholders. April 29, 1947

Board of Trustees. April 29, 1947

Stockholders (B.C.) February 6, 1947 (adjourned)

Stockholders (B.C.) May 15, 1947

Directors (B.C.) May 15, 1947

Stockholders (Rwy.) February 6, 1947 (adjourned)

Stockholders (Rwy.) May 15, 1947

Directors (Rwy.) May 15, 1947

Stockholders (B.C.) February 5, 1948 (adjourned)

Stockholders (B.C.) May 18, 1948

Directors (B.C.) May 18, 1948

Stockholders (Rwy.) February 5, 1948 (adjourned)

Stockholders (Rwy.) May 18, 1948

Directors (Rwy.) May 18, 1948

Personnel. This folder contains a list of lumber company employees by age, a four page speech dealing with regulations on mining and a map of Idaho showing the location of unemployment service centers.

War Department Material. The material in this folder, dated between 1943 and 1945, deals with the renegotiation of war contracts. Pamphlets, financial statements and some correspondence are included.

Craig Mountain Railway


Idaho. Legislature. 17th Session. House of Representatives. House Bill 142, levying a tax of two cents per gallon on motor fuels imported... for use in the state of Idaho. March 12, 1923 Freight claim for lost grocery shipment. 1924

Employees in Service, May 1933

Questionnaire on short line railroad problems. 1933. 26 p.

Freight overcharge claims. 1934

Distribution Sheets. January-October 1915.

Interstate Commerce Commission, Reports to. Reports for the years 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, and 1932 in compliance with I.C.C. Order "In the Matter of Net Railway Operating Income (or deficit) and the recovery and payment of excess earnings under the provisions of section 15A of the Interstate Commerce Act...

Interstate Commerce Commission Valuation Orders & Inventory Forms In 1917 the Interstate Commerce Commission inventoried the Craig Mountain Railway. The items in this folder contain instructions and forms to be filled out before the inventory was started. A copy of the valuation report is also included.

The valuation was protested and in 1920; 1922 and 1923 there are several letters dealing with the protest. Two of the exhibits submitted are also included.

A. Drawing showing the railway in relation to the town of Winchester and the lumber company

B. Drawing showing the Craig Mountain Railway main line from Station 0+00 to Station 295+90.3

Interstate Commerce Commission Miscellaneous Material

Authority for Expenditure & Register, 1917-1949

Securities issued or assumed at the close of June 27, 1920

(Special Report Series no.29)

Depreciation of Steam Road Property. (Depreciation Section Series no. 2) 1921.

Reports to I.C.C. of the disposition made of securities, 1923, 1924. (four reports)

Letters from Collectors. These letters, written in 1959 by collectors of railroad memorabilia request timetables, passes, switch keys, etc., but do not appear to have been answered by J.C. Hood, the General Superintendent of the railway. Letters were received from the following: C.B. Cobb, John F. Gillette, David B. Goodwin, Louis Hemick, H.H. Hoover (representing the National Railway Historical Society), W.A. Miles and Albert Remaly.

Retirement Information. This folder contains various blank forms including Statement of Service, Employment Relation Questionnaire, Election of Joint & Survivor Annuity, Designation or change of beneficiary, Application for Annuity, and Request for Service and Compensation Data Under the Prior Service Program. Also included are Prior Service Program Instruction Circulars 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8; and a pamphlet entitled "Regulations Governing the Collection of Prior Service Records," 1940.

War Production Board

Controlled Materials Plan, General Instructions. Nov. 2 and Nov. 14, 1942

Controlled Materials Plan Class B. Product List. December 21, 1942

War Production Board, CMP Reg. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and other similar circulars of rules

Production Requirements Plan Circular letters. 1942, 1943

Railroad's Inventory Reports, June 30, 1942 - June 30, 1943

Madison Lumber Mill. This folder contains a list of railway cars and their contents from 1913-1917, plus a four-page alphabetical list of names.

Nez Perce Yard (Prairie Lumber Company?)

Operating revenues. 1911-1921

Income statement. 1911-1921

Profit and Loss statement. 1911-1921

Inventory. 1915-1917

Prairie Lumber Company, Nez Perce, Idaho. In 1918 the Ramey Lumber Company was purchased by Craig Mountain Lumber Company and reorganized as the Prairie Lumber Company with E.H. Van Ostrand as president, T. Censky as vice president, W.F. Seatz as secretary and A.A. Hunter as treasurer and manager; Hunter was the only salaried officer, the others also served as officers of the Craig Mountain Lumber Company. The company continued until 1926 when it sold out to the Madison Lumber Company. This folder contains the By-laws of the Prairie Lumber Company, minutes of the stockholders and directors meetings from 1918 to 1926, and balance sheets for 1918, 1920-1925.

VII. Journals

In addition to the twenty-eight boxes of material described above there are also twelve shelves of Journals and notebooks. The more important ones are listed below.

Craig Mountain Lumber Company

Alphabetical ledgers (7)

Bills Payable (4) 1909-1938

Cash Books (18) September 1909 - November 1960

Land sale contract record

Lumber shipments (4) 1952-1957

Minutes of Stockholders' meetings (4) 1909-1950

Minutes of Trustees' Meetings (2) 1916-1933; 1940-1958

Order book. March-April 1929

Craig Mountain Railway Company

Delivery receipts (52) December 1930 - October 1950

Cash Receipts and Disbursements (4) June 1910 - September 1914

Agent's Cash Book, Winchester (6) November 1917 - January 1933

Agent's Cash Book, Craig Junction (3) April 1918 - March 1920; March 1922 - December 1932

Demurrage Record Book. 1927-1939

Record of Freight Received (12) September 1910- July 1915

Interstate Commerce Commission. Bureau of Valuation

Engineering Report as of June 30, 1917

Engineering Report, revised 1922

Valuation of property record. 1917

Valuation report forms 589 and 594

Valuation files (2)

Valuation completion reports & exhibits (4)

Hallack & Howard Lumber Company

Production data, shipments, weather. 1926, 1929-1931; 1935-January 1948

Journal. 1949

Oxbow Ranch Company


Stock book

Prairie Lumber Company

Daily journal from Nez Perce Yard (2) 1918-23; 1925-1926

Stock book

Winchester Townsite Company

Ledger. 1922-30; 1923-38

Minutes of Board of Directors meetings

Stock book

Tax record

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