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CAB Hearing Records, 1965-1966
1 c.f.

The records of the Coeur d'Alene/Roseburg Service Case, Docket 16256, were originally donated to Idaho State University by E. L. Miller, Attorney for Kootenai County in the case. The ISU Library transferred them to the University of Idaho Library in August 1967 and they were processed by Judith Nielsen in March 1985.


On July 9, 1965, West Coast Airlines, Inc., filed a petition for reconsideration of the Civil Aeronautics Board order E-22323 which denied the airline the right to suspend service to four cities. The Coeur d'Alene/Roseburg Service Case was an outgrowth of that petition. E. L. Miller, Kootenai County Attorney, represented the county in the case.

Although background documentation dates from 1960, the bulk of the material in this group was generated in 1965 and 1966. It includes briefs, copies of testimony and exhibits, a transcript of the hearing held October 12, 1965, and other documents relating to the decision of the examiner in 1966 to uphold the original CAB order regarding service to Coeur d'Alene and Roseburg.

Items are separated by party in the case, i.e., West Coast Airlines, Kootenai County, Civil Aeronautics Board, Oregon, Idaho, and Bureau of Economic Regulation. E. L. Miller's folder headings and filing arrangement have been retained. Where duplicate copies of an item were found in the same folder, only one copy was retained; however, if duplicate items were in separate folders both copies were retained.



Box	Folder	Description		Items
1	1	General and Background Information, 1960-1966	3
	2	WEST COAST. Brief and Pleadings, 1961-1966	12
	3	KOOTENAI COUNTY. Brief and Pleadings, 1965-1966	12
	4	KOOTENAI COUNTY. West Coast Airlines	26
	5	CIVIL AERONAUTICS BOARD ORDERS. West Coast - Kootenai County, 1963-1966		21
	6	KOOTENAI COUNTY. West Coast Petition for Discretionary Review, 1966		10
	7	OREGON. West Coast - Kootenai County, 1965-1966	14
	8	WEST COAST. Pleadings, Kootenai County, 1965-1966	7
	10	STATE OF IDAHO. West Coast - Kootenai County, 1965	5
	11	Briefs of various airlines and CAB (all unrelated)	9

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