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Papers, 1862-1966
0.5 c.f.

The papers of the A.W. Post family were given to the University of Idaho Library by Tacie (Mrs. John W.) Post and her daughter Jane (Mrs. E.M.) Andrews in November 1966. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in April 1985.


Frederick W. Post, for whom Post Falls is named, was born in Germany in 1821. In 1850 he came to the United States and settled in Kendall County, Illinois. In 1871 he moved to Idaho. His relationship to Adolph Post is not known.

Adolph W. Post was born in Germany in 1845. On immigrating to the U.S. he settled first in Kansas, then in the 1880's he moved to Rathdrum, Kootenai County, Idaho. His wife was Mary E. Post; they had on son, John W., who was born in Kansas in 1882. He came with his parents to Rathdrum where he became a merchant. Tacie B. Post, his wife, was a legal secretary in Rathdrum. It is she who saved the papers and gave them to the library.


The papers of the Post family span the years 1862 to 1966, with the bulk of the material from the years 1880 to 1930.

The material includes stock certificates from defunct companies in Idaho, Montana, and Washington, deeds and mortgages, items relating to Frederick Post's Post Falls property, and other personal papers such as confirmation certificates, life insurance policies and cemetery deeds of Adolph and John Post.


The papers in this group fall into several distinct categories. The stock certificates are separated by state, then arranged alphabetically by company. The deeds and mortgages are separated by family member or transaction concerned, then arranged chron ologically. In some folders both parties to the contracts are the same on all items, this is indicated by a slash (/) between the names on the folder heading; where parties are different only the Post name is listed. The remaining papers which form the fi nal series are arranged by family member concerned. There are a few items which do not appear to have any connection with the Post family; of these the deeds and mortgages were put in Series II and the letters patent in series III.


I. Stock Certificates, 1895-1966

II. Deeds, Mortgages, etc., 1874-1943

III. Other Papers, 1862-1937



Box Folder Description Items

I. Stock Certificates, 1895-1966

1	1	Correspondence, re: the companies, 1966	3
	2-3	Idaho Companies, 1895-1914	17
	4	Montana Companies, 1939-1946	5
	5	Washington Companies, 1906-1912	20

II. Deeds, Mortgages, etc., 1874-1943

	6-7	Frederick W. Post, 1883-1901	14
	8-9	Adolph W. and Mary E. Post, 1874-1921	21
	10	Mary E., John W., Tacie B. Post/Rathdrum State Bank, 1918-1927	4
	11	Mary E. Post to John W. Post, 1926	4
	12	J.M. Wood to J.W. Post, 1882-1919	17
	13-14	John W. and Tacie B. Post, 1912-1943	26
	15	Other deeds and mortgages, 1896-1903	4

III. Other Papers, 1862-1937

	16	Frederick W. Post, 1882-1891	2
	17-18	Adolph W. Post, 1862-1914	11
	19-20	Adolph W. and John W. Post, 1908-1927	7
	21	John W. Post, 1910-1937	8
	22	Letters patent, 1884	5

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