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Charles Hayward

Papers, 1830-1885

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The Hayward papers were presented to the University of Idaho Library by Moscow physician Dr. Thomas D. Baird in September 1965. They were originally the property of Mrs. George Gleim , mother of Dr. Baird's wife Virginia. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in May 1985.


The papers in this group span the years 1830 to 1885, with the bulk of the material from the years 1836-1846.

A majority of the material consists of letters written to Charles Hayward of Ottawa , LaSalle County, Illinois, concerning a debt he owed to John L.H. McCracken and the subsequent law suit and court ordered sale of Hayward's property. The W.J. Watkins estate was involved in the suit since McCracken wanted any money owed Hayward by the estate to be paid to him. There are several unrelated letters dealing with family matters and two wagers on the 1844 (Clay vs. Polk ) presidential election. Also included are an account book for an unidentified inn (presumably the Fox River House since this tavern is mentioned in the wagers) and an inventory of the estate of Charles Hayward who died in 1849.

A small group of early twentieth century items, newspaper clippings, receipts, and a political poster, dealing with the related Gleim family of Illinois are included.



Box Folder Description Item·

I. Correspondence, 1836-1852

A. McCracken Case, 1837-1846

1	1	John L. H. McCracken letters, 1837-1842	14
	2	Arnold & Ogden letters, 1839-1846	14
	3	Nelson Hayward letters, 1840-1846	10
	4	Legal documents and statements, 1838-1846	11

B. W.J. Watkins, 1836-1846

	5	W.J. Watkins letters, 1836-1840	12
	6	Watkins Estate, David Moore letters, 1842-1846	6
	7	Watkins Estate, Onslow Peters letters, 1845-1846	4

C. Other Correspondence, 1838-1852

	8	S. Wait and A.G. Throop letters, 1841-1846	5
	9	Family and personal letters, 1838-1852	8

II. Other Material, 1830-1885

	10	Receipts, Appraisal of furniture, Assignment of rights (Fox River House?), 1830-1848	37
	11	Land Grants to Charles Hayward, 1839-1841	2
	12	Wagers on the President Election, 1844	2
	13	Muster Roll of Capt. Henry J. Reed, 1848; letter to Capt. Reid, 1885	2
	14	Account Book (Fox River House?), April 15,1839-April 19, 1840	1
	15	Inventory of the Estate of Charles Hayward made by Julia Ann
Hayward, 1849-1851	1
	16	Gleim Family items, 1907-1938	5

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