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Records, 1945-1971

1 c.f.

The records of the Faculty Club were donated to the University of Idaho Library by the club's treasurer, Paul Fletcher, in April 1972. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in July 1985.


The Faculty Club was organized in 1945 as a voluntary organization to provide a social center for faculty members. It occupied the frame building on the corner of Pine & Idaho, now the Satellite SUB, until 1970 when the furniture and equipment was moved to the faculty lounge in the Faculty Office Building.

The original dues were $5.00 a year and a charge was made for coffee, candy bars, cigarettes, etc. The club also organized a picnic and dance each year. Although the university provided the building which housed the club, and paid half the salary of the hostess, the club was responsible for half the hostess' salary, their own supplies, and any redecorating or remodeling of the building. The business was conducted by a board of directors consisting of six faculty members and one or two members appointed by the Faculty Women's Club.

Increasing costs and decreasing memberships resulted in the demise of the club in the summer of 1971. All assets were turned over to the university.


The records of the Faculty Club span the years 1945 to 1971, with the bulk of the material covering the years 1960 to 1967.

The papers include preliminary surveys of the faculty, minutes of board meetings, correspondence, memos, inventories of equipment, sales tax records, daily cash tallies, financial statements and a cash journal.


The material in this manuscript group was in file folders, and although the folders were re-arranged to form the series, the contents of the folders were not altered. Items in each folder are in chronological order.

The first series contains the preliminary survey of the faculty regarding a faculty club, and the estimated cost of furniture, dishes, silverware, etc., needed. It also contains the constitution, bylaws, and minutes of board meetings.

The correspondence series contains both incoming and copies of outgoing letters regarding equipment and supplies, memos between directors, and various announcements and notices.

Inventories for insurance purposes, tax receipts, cash records, financial statements, invoices from the university and the cash journal are in the financial series.

Although the invoices from the university were retained with the records, all others were discarded as they are well documented in the cash journal. Also removed were three books of cancelled checks. In all the volume of material was reduced by approximately 0.5 c.f..



I. Organizational Records, 1945-1970 1

II. Correspondence and Other Papers, 1945-1970 1

III. Financial Records, 1947-1971 1 & o.s.



Box Folder Description Items

I. Organizational Records, 1945-1970

1	1	Preliminary Planning, 1945	9
	2	Constitution and By-laws, 1945-1954	9
	3-4	Minutes of Board Meetings, 1945-1970	135

II. Correspondence and Other Papers, 1945-1970

	5-8	General Correspondence, 1945-1970	345
	9	Treasurer's Correspondence, 1966-1970	59
	10	Membership Cards, n.d.	2

III. Financial Records, 1947-1971

	11	Inventories, 1950-1971	8
	12	Income tax Exemption Affidavit, 1953	4
	13	Sales Tax Records, 1965-1971	87
	14-18	Daily Cash Tally Records, 1966-1970	49
	19	Financial Statements, 1947-1971	43
	20	Invoices, University of Idaho, 1966-1970	72
	21	Savings pass book, 1966	1
o.s.	22	Combined Cash Journal, 1953-1971	1

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